As many already know I had a large ovarian tumor 30 years ago; was told I needed surgery immediately; went on a specialized diet and eliminated the tumor in 3.5 weeks.  I have never had any cancer issues since that time.

  • There are many different kinds of cancers.
  • There are many different causes of cancers.cancer bow
  • There are many different treatments of cancers.

However, there is a very interesting article in Science and Engineering Ethics:  Science and Engineering Ethics, 2015. DOI: 10.1007/s11948-015-9668-7; wherein a researcher, Oksvold reviewed and analyzed 40 cancer studies.  He found that up to one-fourth contained data that had been fabricated.!!..!

The data had actually been lifted from other papers, yet the given authors were claiming it as their own!!

Oksvold apparently contacted each of the journals about his findings and the 29 authors with whom he found the duplication.  Would you believe, only one of the authors responded.  Further, he didn’t hear back from any of the three journal editorial boards!!!

Many physicians are wisening up and finding that there are a huge number of drugs and therapies (from prescription drugs to chemotherapy) that have been sold/prescribed to millions of people based on inaccurate to outright false research.  Pretty scary.

Yet, during this time, we have all kinds of phenomenal researchers/scientists/practitioners, even ones like Linus Pauling – a Nobel Prize winner – who showed how Vitamin C could even cure cancer – yet their information is not mainstream.  Why not?  Old saying:  “follow the money, honey”

When people are scared and don’t know anything about their disease – they are willing to follow who ever proclaims that they can help.  But what if your physician is one of the ones who is asking the Big Pharma Rep which medication to use – and the Big Pharma Rep has a BA in criminology?

Have you contributed money to a Cancer Society or Association?  Do you know what they pay their CEO?  Do you know how much goes back to research?  You might want to find out.

There is a lot of pretty scary stuff going on out there…it becomes more and more important that you take responsibility for your health and do your research.

Here’s to your health!

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