Many have heard about whether the body should be alkaline or acidic – but don’t really understand the mechanisms; think that they are nonsense; or that the body will take care of it.

Let’s look at some of the issues:

1)      We determine the acidic or alkalinity by using a measure called pH – which determines how much
ph-scale hydrogen is in the body – measured on a scale of 0 – 14, with 7 being neutral

  • a.       A difference of one pH number is a huge difference in the body, ie., a pH of 6 is ten times more acidic than a pH of 7
  • b.      Not all parts of the body require the same pH
  • c.       Your body has various mechanisms to keep the pH balance in each area
  • d.      Enzymes typically only work in a given pH range
  • e.       So, if the body is out of pH balance, enzymes, don’t work; and we get a whole bunch of problems

2)      some foods will make the body more acidic and some will make the body more alkaline

  • a.       the most predominant way that happens is whether or not hydrogen molecules and CO2 molecules and other acidic molecules are left behind or made as a byproduct of metabolism
  • b.      foods that make the body more acidic:
  •           i.      Sugars : processed and artificial
  •          ii.      Soda drinks
  •         iii.      Tea
  •         iv.      Coffee
  •          v.      Pasteurized and processed chocolate
  •         vi.      Meat
  •         vii.      Vinegar – not apple cider vinegar
  •       viii.      Some citrus fruits – not lemons and limes
  •          ix.      Pastas, noodles, flours, breads, baking
  •           x.      Oatmeal, cornstarch

c.       foods that make the body more alkaline (typically foods with high levels of alkalizing minerals in them)

  •     i.      xocai chocolate
  •    ii.      coconut
  •   iii.      fresh vegetables
  •   iv.      avocados
  •    v.      raisins
  •   vi.      molasses
  •  vii.      apple cider vinegar
  • viii.      lemons and limes
  •    ix.      honey

3)      but that is assuming these foods are whole and healthy and organic but when they are full of :

  • a.       unnatural toxins
  • b.      POPs, PCBs, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides
  • c.       Anti-biotics
  • d.      Gased to slow down aging
  • e.       Artificially manipulated into GMOs (genetically modified organsisms)
  • f.        Then even these foods become more a detriment

4)      when foods are processed, micro waved, pasteurized, etc they loose their nutrients

  • a.       nutrients become denatured and useless to our bodies
  • b.      what was once a nutrient now becomes a toxin
  • c.       the toxins draw upon our body’s natural resources to: modify for       elimination and excretion; to push into fat cells and joints for temporary protection; and our bodies further deteriorate

5)      water may also make your body more acidic

  • a.       if water has a pH less than 7 it is contributing to the acidity of the body
  • b.      a good reason to use the Kangan water system – it separates out the H- and keeps the OH+ – this means that there are less Hydrogens in the body
  • c.       water with good alkalizing minerals is good for the body

What happens when the body becomes too acidic – it draws out alkalizing minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium to attempt to neutralize the acid and bring the pH back up to normal?

That process robs the body of these minerals and so of course creates dysfunction where these should have been utilized.   The body will compensate and compensate until eventually, it says, enough is enough and you start to have symptoms.

Some might say we need to flush all of the toxins out with water – EXCEPT : the water itself may be too acidic AND water doesn’t tend to flush out fat based molecules.  Have you ever put oil into a glass of water – it does not get nicely distributed – it balls up and congels.  This is also what happens in the body.  The fat based toxins pull together and get pushed into fat cells – helping you to gain weight.

Now the body needs to produce more cholesterol in the liver – thus making more bile for the gut – so the gut can break down these fats – again another draw on the body.

Now when the body is under toxic, nutrient depleted stress – the adrenals jump into action.  Most people just think of mental or emotional stress which is hard enough on the body – but the body has other kinds of stressors too.  And when the mind or the gut is stressed, the adrenals pump out lots of corticosteroids, cortisol, etc and these molecules turn into free radicals thus causing a whole other problem – > oxidative stress -> inflammation -> dysfunction.

So what to do?

1)      eat more organic foods and vegetables , especially ones with lots of alkalizing minerals

2)      drink more alkaline water – without chloride and fluoride

Here’s to your health.


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