It is interesting how Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a double mastectomy is such a news item.  It certainly supports and advertises the cancer industry…but was it really the best decision?

Let’s look at some facts…

1) she apparently has the BRCA 1 & 2 genes – but so what?

– 85% of the women who have breast cancer don’t have that genetic malfunction

– genes are off/on switches; and studies have shown that genes play a SECONDARY role in determining whether or not you will develop cancer or anything else

– WHY? because as already noted, genes are off/on switches – they respond to your food intake; your toxicity; even your stress levels

– The Women’s Health Initiative (WIH) study discovered that only women who took HRT (hormone replacement therapy), irrespective of their genetic make-up, were more likely to develop breast cancer (; Journal of the National Cancer Institute, March 29, 2013; doi: 10.1093/jnci/djt043).

-I eliminated my ovarian cancer in 3.5 weeks simply utilizing the appropriate diet for that cancer…there is tons of research on alternative methods that work well and efficiently with cancers

– simply look at Protandim and the Life Science cream and all the university research that has shown how effectively it eliminates skin cancers

– look at how foods like real chocolate, liminoids, beets, etc etc all work effectively at turning on apoptosis (pre programmed cell death) in cancer cells; or change the potentiation of the tumor cell membrane so that it takes in oxygen rather than sugar; or that block the angiogenesis (new blood vessels that feed tumors) from forming…there is just so much incredible research out there

It is amazing that anyone would even bother with chemo or radiation these days, never mind surgery.  Even the majority of oncologists would not take chemo or radiation…so the real question in this story is…who gave her the advice?

The Times, May 19, 2013; Epidemiology, 2009; 20: 752-6

Here’s to your health!

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