How many times does the Big Pharma/Medical field want to create fears?  This time it is the Ebola is an RNA virus.

Think back to the H1N1 – fear was propagated through the world and yet there was less flu that year than the prior years.  But the big guys made lots of money.Dr Holly needles  The US convinced the WHO and countries around the world to purchase the vaccination – which lead to how many law suites?

GlaxoSmithKline,is well known for its criminal record which includes

  • bribing physicians to promote dangerous and expensive drugs
  • distributing misleading information
  • introduced misbranded drugs, ie., Paxil and Wellbutrin
  • plead guilty to felony crimes and paid a $3 billion fine click here for more information
  • in fact, a 9 yr federal investigation revealed rampant illegal activity, i.e., mismarketing drugs, forging drug safetey data,
  • cheating Medicare and Medicaid click here for more information

BUT was allowed to continue conducting business with the federal government!!

Natural News wrote “And all this deception has generated tens of billions of dollars in profits for GSK over the years, while thousands of patients who used the drug products involved have suffered horrific side effects and even death.”  click here

And this is the company that is in the lead for creating a vaccination for this virus?  Further, this vaccince is apparently going to be rushed through without time for safety testing – well they are used to doing that – but do we want to suffer the outcomes and pay them for it?

Don’t forget… the US vaccine manufacturers have zero liability for the damage and death caused by their products. Due to a literal Act of Congress, all vaccine manufacturers are able to abandon all safety testing and knowingly sell faulty, deadly products with zero risk of liability.

Are you willing to take a chance?  These companies still have mercury in children’s vaccinations, click here for more information

What can you do?  You can strengthen your Immune System and make sure your system is in optimal health so that the virus doesn’t have any kind of environment to invade and take over your body.

How to do this:  enhance your immune system; make sure your DNA for anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories is turned on; make sure that your glutathione levels are up so you can protect your immune system; increase your microbiota.

Find a good health practitioner, do your research, make healthy choices.

Here’s to your health!

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