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An Easy Understanding of Free Radicals & Anti-oxidants

An Easy Understanding of Free Radicals & Anti-oxidants People usually hear terms like free radicals and anti-oxidants - they know they go together and they know one is bad and the other is good BUT they don't really understand them.  This is a nice simple article I found from BC Blogcritics that does a nice [...]

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What are the common denominators between exercise, grains, sugars, fats & protiens???

The two common denominators are that they are all :   a) good for you  b) bad for you You have learned over the years that the type of grain and how it is processed determines whether or not the bread, pasta, etc is good for you. Peel the outside and process everything out of the [...]

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10 Basic rules for optimal health

How many rules are there to live by?  Are they overwhelming?  Or do we simply abide by them?  For instance, do you see stopping at a red light as a difficult rule to abide by or do you even think of it?  Do you see paying for your groceries, gas, etc as a difficult rule [...]

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Do you know what SOD is – you should…

This is an article from:  Underground Health Reporter:  It talks about the importance of an enzyme your body makes...Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD)...the exciting thing about  it is that we have a 5 herb formulation that is being studied in 25 universities...that turns on the body's capacity to make SOD and Glutathione (GSH) - an even [...]


Learn 5 Simple & Easy Steps to ELIMINATE Your Arthritis Arthritis is a prevalent disease in North America.  I was one of the victims…some years ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid and osteo arthritis AND I had fibromyalgia.  I was in a lot of pain taking 3-4  Tylenol 3 with codeine , 3-4 times per [...]

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How long can Big Pharma survive depends on how long the public agrees to remain blind?

We can consistently hear about all the problems Big Pharma has: from faulty research to fraud to lack of any data with ghost writers about studies never done...Here is an article that Health Sciences Institute: eAlert posted quite some time ago...I am rerunning it https://mail.google.com/mail/#inbox/135c3d3368e8f3d2 I admit, there was a time when I bought the [...]

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How and why would chocolate help in losing weight?

Obesity is a huge problem in today's society...and often chocolate is part of the problem - junk food loaded with sugar, stabilizers, and other filers... BUT...chocolate can actually help you loose weight!!  Let's look at how and why. Most obesity involves a dysregulation of two hormones:  letpin and grehlin. Grehlin is a fast acting hormone, [...]

Evidence based medicine – or is it?

Evidenced based medicine - what is it? The past two decades have seen a huge focus on “evidenced based medicine”.  This concept has promoted a rapid spread of articles, how to books, textbooks, etc for various providers, practitioners and researchers from health care – to psychology  - to social work. Yet, in the past 20 [...]

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Mercola claims that: Nearly Half of U.S. Doctors Struggling with Burnout

It is interesting to learn what an MD or DO goes through for training - but do you know what alternative physicians do? Most don't. Try taking an 8 yr program in 4 yrs after doing your premed - not only taking the full alopathic curriculum but taking the alternative curriculum at the same time [...]

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Another professional speaks out against the medical/pharmaceutical profession

Dr's In today's world we are bombarded by the fraudulent studies, the inaccuracies, the lack of scientific data when it comes to our pharmaceutical / medical professions.  Here is yet another professional who came out of the closet some years ago.  The following is from his website... "Dr. William Drew, a Neuropsychopharmacologist, taught:  pharmacology, neuropharmacology [...]

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