Are you like me – tired of all the conflicting rules about taking Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium – together or separately?

Let’s look at some common sense.

1)      We know that these alkalizing minerals are not found in “balance” in food – there may be one or more them in different foods and certainly in different quantities

  • a.       Bananas high in potassium
  • b.      Chocolate (real Xocai chocolate) high in magnesium
  • c.       Unpasturized, raw cow’s milk high in calcium

2)      Historically, some researchers claimed all three should be taken in the “proper” balance because they were needed to allow the “electrical current” to travel down the neuron and release neurotransmitters…

  • a.       BUT, then they found out, that they are hugely used throughout the body both independently and in unison

3)      Muscles, including heart muscles, require calcium to constrict and Magnesium to expand – so now we need to take those two in balance

  • a.       BUT, we also know that every cell in the body requires fuel, ATP.  And to make fuel you require Magnesium (along with Vitamins B1, 2 & 3) along numerous junctions in the glycogenesis, Krebs and Electron Transfer Chain process – but not Calcium and not Potassium

4)      We also know that Magnesium helps to relax the Central Nervous System whereas Calcium is more of an exciter.

If you eat good whole, organic foods – only steam your vegetables lightly – then you will get your minerals – and the body in its phenomenal wisdom will send each where they are needed.

You could argue that we need supplements – and certainly most of us as our fruit and vegetables are no longer real – shot up with anti-biotics, growth hormones; gased so that they don’t go bad before getting to shelves; grown in artificial fertiziliers – where do we get our nutrients from?

Well, one good source – that has over 300 nutrients that the body requires – including potassium, calcium and magnesium – is Xocai chocolate.

In fact, 3 pieces = 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in anti-oxidants alone.  Good, whole, nutrient dense food.

And its chocolate!!!

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