It is not sufficient to simply provide nutrients for glutathione…

In my last doctoral thesis I presented the "3 Pillars of Glutathione" OR "the integrated model for the biochemistry of cellular healing".     There are many MLM companies that claim if you take their product they will increase the cellular production of glutathione - one of the most important compounds in the body. But [...]

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What kind of stress are we talking about?

We all know stress is hard on your body, but why? Also, are you aware of the different kinds of stress that effect your body? Do you know how to resolve the stress effect? Let’s take a look? Stress and your body In today’s society we have a lot of psychological stressors. We in effect [...]

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What is REAL Medicine?

What is REAL Medicine?  Is it conventional medicine?  Conventional medicine manages symptoms with synthetic toxic drugs that deplete the body of nutrients…AND…48% of the 250 most common prescriptions are known to cause cancer!! Or is REAL medicine Alternative Medicine?  Alternative Medicine includes everything from Nutritional, to Medical Herbal Medicine, to Ayurvedic, to Traditional Chinese Medicine, [...]

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Do you know anyone with Cancer?

Thirty years ago, I had an ovarian tumor the size of a hard ball.  I was told i needed surgery immediately, it was fatal.  I went to my Alternative Health Practitioner who put me on a Betalaine diet and eliminated the tumor in 3.5 weeks!!  Different types of cancers require different types of protocols but [...]

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I love quotes from intelligent physicians

The following is taken from: Our Mission: To preserve and disseminate the knowledge of Natural Medicine so people can make informed consent decisions regarding their health. Natural Medicine For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect. ~Pfeiffer's Law~ Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer, MD, PhD [...]

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How do you achieve health?

People are getting smarter.   They are realizing that the synthetic pharmaceutical drugs: deplete the body of nutrients might manage symptoms         don't solve the underlying issue cause toxicity issues AND so they going back to nature .... You might want to read the following article: Focus on Preventive Healthcare Drives the [...]

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Depression: psychological or physiological?

I practiced as a Registered Psychologist for some 20 years.  During that time I saw a lot of clients with depression, anxiety or depression & anxiety.  I frequently sent clients to Naturopaths, Herbalists, etc because I did not think that the cause of their depression was how they interpreted and responded to the world, it [...]

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Vaccinations – yes or no

I won't give you a declarative answer to the question...but I will provide you with some information so that you can make an informed decision...I certainly know what I would do. 1) There have been several measles outbreaks in vaccinated children that don't get any public acknowledgment, for example: - 98% of the kids with [...]

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How to protect yourself from cell phones…

Tthe electromagnic waves that we live in are dangerous to our health, no question.  And unless you want to live on top of some mountain in Tibet, you are going to be hard pressed to get away from them.  They cause all kinds of physiological issues, see the list below.  So how we can use [...]

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Tulsi, Holy Basil and YOU

Tulsi or Holy Basil Leaf (not to be confused with basil) is a well known Ayurvedic or East Indian herb.  But what is it used for...well it has a number of uses...its most famous medicinal function is an anti-oxidant.  But, it has a number of other functions as well: 1.  The leaf is a nerve [...]