As you may know, the most nutrient dense component of any fruit or vegetable is the seed. One of the most nutrient dense seeds comes from the cocoa fruit – yes, that is correct – chocolate!! The problem, as most people know, is that in the last hundred years, man has processed all the good out of the seed and combined the remaining with toxic sugars and other chemicals. So now, most chocolate is detrimental to our health.
So many, will go for the “dark chocolate” or the 70%, 80%, 90% chocolate believing that the cocoa butter (which is full of excellent omega 3s) is gone and we are left with the anti-oxidants. But sadly, this is false. In fact, in the process of removing that omega 3 rich cocoa butter, you end up loosing up to 80% of the anti-oxidants!!

However, if you get good healthy 100% chocolate, like you find in Xocai chocolate, then you get blessed not only with the omega 3s and the anti-oxidants but over 300 nutrients that the body requires!!

Further, Xocai chocolate works phenomenally well for a lot of people to reduce weight!!

Really, chocolate helps to open fat cells and release the toxins stored in them. Chocolate is also loaded with anti-oxidants and other nutrients to help you get rid of those toxins…and chocolate can then turn the fat cell into useable energy!!! Yeah Chocolate.

I have written a number of books and one of them is on chocolate. The Chocolate Controversy: The bad, the mediocre and the awesome.Chocolate-Book-238x300

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