So many questions, misconceptions, misleading information, who has the truth?

One of my books, Your Heart:  Are You Taking Care of It, goes into this issue and many more in more depth Heart-Bookfor the lay person (click here go look at this book and others)…but let’s look at the smaller picture…

Let’s look at this logically:

  • 1) Your liver makes over 80% of your body’s cholesterol – then it must be important for the body, wouldn’t you think?
  • 2) Most physicians don’t know that there are many types of HDL (some good and some bad) and many types of LDL (some good and some bad)
  • 3) The higher your HDL, the lower your heart risk
  • 4) Cholesterol only makes up a small portion of arterial plaque
  • 5) Your body makes more cholesterol to help block up vascular bleeds to stop you from bleeding to death
  • 6) Cholesterol is required for:
    • a) to hold open billions of cell membranes allowing compounds to travel back and forth
    • b) to insulate the billions of neurons in the brain and Central Nervous System
    • c) the basis to make your steroid hormones like testosterone, progesterone, estrogens
    • d) to create the bile, stored in the gallbladder, that breaks down the fats in the digestive tract
    • e) create Vitamin D

Sounds pretty important AND pretty necessary.  In fact, the alternative medicines have claimed for 1000s of years that too little cholesterol is alot more dangerous than too much cholesterol!

Now let’s look at some other statistics:

  • 1) almost half of the people prescribed Statin drugs to lower their choelsterol – have NORMAL cholesterol levels!!
  • 2) more than 70% of heart attacks and heart disease are not prevented by statin drugs
  • 3) if your HDL is lower than 40 mg/dl you are at risk for heart disease regardless of what your LDL is
  • 4) if your HDL is higher than 85, your heart is wonderfully protected
  • 5) Statin drugs not only lower LDL (remember some of them are hugely important to your health) but also your HDL levels
  • 6) Statin drugs not only prevent your body from making cholesterol, BUT also prevent your body from making ATP – necessary to make the fuel for every cell in the body!!

So what should we do?  We need to increase our HDL?

  • 1) Fish oils – but we have to make sure they are clean and not toxic or radiated – that can be a challenge
  • 2) Determine what it is in the Fish Oil that helps your HDL – its the DHA (a type of Omega 3 fatty acid)
    • a) Krill oil
    • b) SEEDS:
      • Flax seed (remember to grind it)
      • Salba or Chia seeds
      • Hemp
    • c) NUTS:
      • Walnuts
      • Almonds
  • 3) The Vitamin E group of tocotrienols also raises HDL
    • a) almonds
    • b) asparagus
    • c) avocados
    • d) chicken
    • e) coconuts
    • f) cranberries
    • g) spinach
    • h) sunflower seeds
  • 4) plant sterols can also contribute to your levels of cholesterol by blocking different types of cholesterol

All in all, we need cholesterol in a huge number of ways in our bodies.  And we need the CoQ10 to make fuel in every type of cell in the body.

So before you get falsely scarred into taking Statin drugs, you might want to do a bit of research of your own and perhaps learn alot more than your MD.

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Here’s to your health!

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