I just had a very challenging phone call.  The woman was very aggressive.  Repeatedly she asked the same questions and repeatedly did not listen to the answers.  However, she claimed that my website was confusing because I stated that I was an ND – I do not and I am not!!

However, I did make some further edits to the website to prevent further misunderstandings and would like to make some clarifications for the general reader:

  1. I did leave the College of Psychologists after some 20yrs as a Registered Psychologist.  They claimed that I was practicing “non-evidenced based medicine” with my MA in Herbal Medicine, my PhD in Nutrition, and my Dr of Natural Medicine, etc.  When I offered to come in and teach about the nutrients that the brain required, they did not want me to do so.  So I left the College of Psychologists and joined the BC Association of Clinical Counselors who were interested in my other degrees and designations.
    1. nowhere do I say I am a Reg Psych – I am not – I am a RCC (Reg Clinical Counselor)
  2. I did go to the Boucher Naturopathic Institute for two years and also completed my first two years of premed with them.  However, I left for medical reasons because my seizures started up again, after not having had seizures for 20 yrs.  When I returned a year later, my seizures started again within three weeks.  In addition, I did not like their clinical program.  So I left and transferred over to Dr of Natural Medicine.  With the DNM® I got a great clinical program where I received one on one training with top practitioners in each field.
    1. nowhere do I say that I am an ND, I am not – I am a DNM®
    2. like the ND program, you ha
  3. My PhD in Nutrition:  Biochemistry of Cellular Healing was completed through the Atlantic International University and I was awarded a Cum Laude for it.
  4. I have also attended med school
    1. but no where do I say that I am an MD, I am not – I am a DNM®
  5. I also had someone complain to the TCM College that I was practicing TCM yet not registered with the college.  I do not claim to practice TCM – however, I did do a MA thesis entitled:  Bridging Ayurvedic, TCM and Western Herbal Medicine – which is what the claim was based on and consequently had to be dropped

Perhaps it is unfortunate that there are so many different classifications within a given field.  We are all here to help people – I hope.  Further, I am forever suggesting that people get training in a healing modality or discipline different from their primary one – it increases the intellect and perspective of the practitioner and I believe an important component of being a good practitioner.  But, like with anything else, not everyone agrees.

Here’s to your health.

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