There are such a wide variety of detoxes out there – how do we detox herbsknow which ones are any good?  Or what they are actually accomplishing?  Or where the detoxification is occurring in the body?  Detox can be seen as both very simple or very complex…lets take a quick look.

We know we have a lot of toxins in the body.  The body was designed to resolve the toxins it makes as a by product of its own functions.   For instance, we make C02 but our red blood cells exchange it for oxygen in the millions of aveoli in the lungs and then we breath it out.

We also make free radicals with every enzyme process in every cell – and so we have trillions of free radicals.  But the body makes glutathione, super oxide dismutase and other natural anti-oxidants to take care of these free radicals.

The challenge comes when:

  • there are toxins that the body does not know how to deal with (man made toxins)
  • OR when the toxic load becomes greater than what the body can deal with
  • OR due to insufficient nutrient, the body cannot make the compounds that eliminate the toxins
  • OR our DNA do not produce the tools to make the necessary compounds to eliminate the toxins.

As you can see, we can go side ways at a number of different points in the process.

But do we really have too many toxins, after all we are all still alive and functioning.  Yes we are, but we are also an incredibly sick nation.  Whether we look at the hugely increasing amount of:

  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • cardio issues
  • allergies
  • depression
  • ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders
  • sleep issues
  • foggy brain challenges
  • fatigue
  • digestive issues
  •  etc etc etc…we have a lot to deal with.

In addition, we know that we are feeding the body huge amounts of additional toxins with what we:

  • breath
  • drink
  • eat

In addition, when we operate in toxic environments, toxic relationships, and are over whelmed with concerns about finances – we provoke a lot more toxicity in the body -> the adrenals step up and produce products to keep us going but then they turn into free radicals, and the body has to deal with those.  Or our thoughts change our DNA and our body has to deal with that.

So what do we do?

Well we know that foods, herbs, spices can all help us protect the body.  But which ones do we need.  Are we targeting the:

  • liver
  • kidneys
  • intestines
  • blood
  • lymph
  • brain

Are we wanting to eliminate:

  • POPsdanger_pesticides
  • PCBs
  • metals
  • free radicals
  • toxic food colourants, stabilizers
  • distorted nutrients due to microwave & other processing
  • toxic chemicals found in makeup and personal hygiene
  • toxic chemicals found in cleaning products
  • toxic chemicals found in drugs, vaccinations, tooth fillings, etc

Different herbs, spices, foods, can achieve a variety of different functions:

  • – eliminate pathogens
  • – eliminate different types of free radicals in different places
  • – eliminate different types of toxins in different places
  • – help regenerate the liver or strengthen the adrenals or calm the CNS, etc
  • – help eliminate the inflammatory response due to the toxicity
  • -help the body produce the compounds that the body requires to do the work
  • -help turn on the DNA so the body makes the tools to make the compounds

To get a good clear answer for what your body requires….find a good health practitioner rather than a symptom manager.

I work with an ASYRA which can give awesome information about what is going on in the body and if there are problems with:

  • toxins:  Metal, POPs, PCBs, etc
  • allergies:  food, drug, environmental, allergic reactionschemical
  • hormones:  we have over 70 known hormones in the body
  • enzymes: we have over 10,000 known enzymes
  • deficient nutrients: vitamins, minerals, omegas antioxidants, etc
  • neurotransmitters

and much more.  This allows us to better target what is actually causing the underlying issues.

Here’s to your health!

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