Detoxing is a complicated process.  Cultures throughout history have known that the body needs to detox.

Ayurvedic practicies (oldest known medical practice in the world) encouraged people to detox, for a day, between each season.  They also taught how to each according to:

  • your body type
  • the season
  • the time of day
  • your age

They had a far more advanced understanding of the needs of each individual system.  They had a beautiful 6 stage process, for each body type, of imbalance and disharmony in the body and what to do at each stage to bring the body back into balance before it got to the disease stage we focus on today.

So let’s get back to today and detox.  In today’s world, we have alot more to deal with then they did 5000 years ago.  We have introduced to our bodies:

  • high levels of toxic processed table sugar
  • high levels of artifical salts (sodium chloride)
  • spices that have been radiated
  • foods that are microwaved, pasturized and processed (we don’t have the enzymes to deal with these distortions)
  • high levels of toxic chemicals in our water (floride, chloride, copper, etc etc)
  • over 90, ooo toxic chemicals into our environment since the beginning of the Industrial Revolutions and it is estimated that between 60-80% of those toxic chemicals are found in our homes
  • our food is undernourished – so we are undernourished
  • our food is pumped full of:
    •   anti-biotics (70% of N.Americas anti-biotics are in the food)
    •  growth hormones
    • POPs – persistant organic pollutants (we don’t get rid of them easily)
    • PCBs, insecticides, pesticides, etc
    • colourants, stabilizers, preservatives
    • artifical flavourings, scents, etc
    • gases to stop and start enzyme processing at different stages

Then we have the toxins in our:

  • personal hygiene products
  • soaps, shampoos, conditioners, volumizers and sprays
  • skin products, anti-aging products, sunscreen
  • anti-perspirants and deorandants
  • makeup (and believe many companies that claim to be “clean” are not!)
  • household cleaners: laundry soap; dishwashing detergents; window sprays; etc

Never mind the toxins in our:

  • teeth fillings
  • prescription drugs
  • vaccinations

Then we also the evolved pathogens:  yeast, molds, unwanted bacterias and viruses, and other microbes that abound in our bodies because of poor pH levels and high levels of toxins that they can feed on:

  • in our gut
  • in our blood
  • in our lymphatic system

The list could go and on – the important thing to consider is that whether you believe we were created; evolved; or a combination of both – when did our bodies develop the ability to deal with all these toxins?

So yes, we definitely need to detox.  We are a very sick, undernourished, over fed culture full of toxicity which causes oxidative stress and inflammation and therefore disease!!!

If you are interested in learning about issues you need to take into consideration before detoxing, click here.

Find a good health practitioner.  An ASYRA is an excellent tool for looking at all the different pathogens, chemical toxicities, etc that you have in your body.  Learn what is the most efficient method for you to clean and strengthen your body.

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