Thirty years ago, I had an ovarian tumor the size of a hard ball.  I was told i needed surgery immediately, it was fatal.  I went to my Alternative Health Practitioner who put me on a Betalaine diet and eliminated the tumor in 3.5 weeks!!  Different types of cancers require different types of protocols but the body responds well to the natural foods and herbs that were designed to help the body engage in its own natural healing processes.

Very often it is not the cancer that takes life but rather cachexia – a condition in the liver.  Unfortunately, conventional medicine has two challenges with cancer and cachexia:

  • 1) cachexia isn’t just about “wasting” in muscles but also impairs the heart by causing “increased fibrosis, disrupted myocardial structure, and altered composition of contractile proteins of cardiac muscle.”
  • 2) There is no way to prevent or reverse cachexia
    • a) Many studies are showing that omega 3 fatty acids interfere with inflammation and can reverse it
    • b) Cysteine is required for muscles to rebuild – necessary in cachexia to – has been shown to enhance survival rates of cancer patients – even those who use chemotherapy
  • 3) Toxic pharmaceuticals enhance the probability of cachexia which is why people say “if you don’t die from the treatment, you may die from the cancer”

But alternative medicine also has a challenge with cachexia as well.   One of the immune cells that fight tumors is called:  Tumor Necrosis Factor aka TNF aka cachectin.  It has a number of functions including:

  • 1) causes tumor cells to die (cytolysis)
  • 2) induces cachexia
  • 3) causes cell proliferation
  • 4) can cause cell differentiation

So we want TNF to kill tumor cells and cause cell proliferation and differentiation with healthy cells but we don’t want it to cause cachexia.  So what do we do.  We enhance the mitochondrial function that produces a glutathione that regulates TNF.  Yeah….Other glutathione sources also help regulate TNF, like blood and liver glutathione.

The highest concentration of glutathione is found in the liver and the liver is responsible for over 500 functions.   So we have lots of options to work with.

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