We have been told for years to take more calcium supplements as we age to protect us against osteoporosis.

Even in the Naturopathic College I went to, I argued this. The Dean actually marked my answer wrong – which of course was right…that’s what happens when people don’t keep up with the research.

And the research is on my side. Why?

You have 4-8 parathyroids around your thyroid – one of their functions is to monitor the levels of calcium in the blood. When the levels get to high – they send off hormones to the bones to tell them not to release calcium and other hormones that tell the kidneys not to reabsorb calcium.

Of course, when the levels get too low, the opposing action is followed and the hormones released tell the bones to release more calcium and the kidneys to re-absorb more calcium.    Calcium-oxide-3D-vdW

But what happens when you take calcium supplements – first of all, they are often delivered without all the other compounds, found in foods and herbs, that metabolize, uptake and regulate the use of calcium – so we are off to a bad start.

In addition, the high levels of supplemental calcium then found in the blood need to get stored somewhere – and this can cause all kinds of issues:

  • kidney stones
  • plaque in the arteries – effect on the heart and the brain
  • prevent iron and zinc absorption
  • amongst other issues

On the other hand, when you get high levels of calcium in foods –Vegetarian_diet the body can work with it much more effectively.

Whether it is the metabolizing of the compound; the uptake of the compound; the utilization of the compound; or the elimination of the excess of the compound – the body works best with natural foods and herbs.

Here’s to your health!

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