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  • Angina
  • Arrhythmia
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • Heart Failure
  • high Blood pressures
  • high cholesterol
  • Ischemic attacks:
  • Variant, Invariant
  • Strokes (disruption in blood flow to the brain)
    • TIAs, hemmorage, blockage, insufficiency
  • Valve issues;  Mitral, tricuspid, aortic and pulmonary  valves
    • narrowing, stenosis, prolapse, regurgitation

The above list is just a sample of the possible heart conditions that a person may be diagnosed with.

However, many of them result from similar common issues:

  • toxicities
    • heavy metal
    • POPs (Persistant organic pollutants)
    • PCBs (insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, etc)
    • AGEs (Advanced glycation endproducts) – made both in preparing foods and in our bodies
    • free radicals
    • hygiene products
    • household cleaning products
  • inflammation
  • low glutathione levels and other anti-oxidants
  • consistent stress of the mind and gut
  • poor nutrition to compensate for the above

The above 4 issues are all intertwined

First off, the body’s best way to deal with toxins is usually at the liver level.

The liver is the primary detoxing organ of the body – although every cell detoxes.  If the liver is compromised due to:

  • fatty liver disorders
  • inflammation
  • pathogens
  • toxins
  • poor nutrient
  • pharmaceutical drugs
  • recreational drugs

The liver will not be able to take care of all the 500 functions it is responsible for, including detoxing your body.

The primary compound in the liver that takes care of :

  • detoxing
  • chelating metals
  • eliminating free radicals

is glutathione.  So we need to take care of the glutathione

If glutathione goes down -> free radicals go up -> inflammation increases -> blockages occur -> the kidneys can’t filter the blood -> toxins compound -> less nutrient is absorbed and utilized – > the cardio system is compromised.

Second, (or perhaps first – depending on the situation), we need to take care of stress.  Psychological stress is just as detrimental to the body as gut stress.  Both aggravate the adrenals – which then cause a whole domino effect of issues.  When the adrenals are stressed this can result in:

  • heart issues
  • immune issues
  • thyroid issues
  • liver issues


  • 1) increase glutathione and other anti-oxidants (Protandim turns on the genes to make glutathione; OGF provides the nutrients to make glutathione)
  • 2) eliminate inflammation by increasing amounts of good omega3 foodswoman in a heart of good food
  • 3) increase nutrient dense food intake
  • 4) find another way to deal with psychological stress – which impacts the gut, the liver, the adrenals, the immune system and the cardio system
  • 5) there are all kinds of herbs and foods that can address each of these issues…find out what they are!!!

In addition, you can :

  • 1) detox the liver
  • 2) detox the intestines
  • 3) retrain the gut & your immune system with transfer factors
  • 4) increase levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) to increase vasodilation (expansion/contraction) of arteries

Drugs usually just cause more issues.  The classic example are the statin drugs, which prevent the body from making CoQ10 – which is required to make the fuel for every cell in the body.  Most drugs deplete the body of nutrients…and when the body can’t make, perform, manage maintenance because it doesn’t have sufficient nutrients – more problems are going to erupt.

Further, managing symptoms without addressing the underlying cause simply makes room for the underlying cause to continue to get out of hand.  Address the originating problems and the subsequently problems will usually resolve themselves.

Be responsible, do your research, find a good health practitioner.

Here’s to your health!

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