Just read an newspaper article today, by Blythe Nilson.  She was commenting on how skeptical she was a herbal supplements and how she had read a report from the Guelph University about how “Canadians are misled by Health Canada and the herbal supplement industry”.  How, utilizing a DNA scan (like a barcode) they can identify whether the nutrients claimed to be in a given product are really there.

60% of the 44 supplements, from 12 companies, claimed to have product that wasn’t in the formula.  The study was published in the British Medical Journal (Oct 11th) and another 20% had product like wheat, rice, soy (fillers) that were not identified, or nuts.  22% of the fish labels were “mislabelled”.  And the list goes on.

Unfortunately, as I have written numerous times, there are all kinds of issues with health food store products.  In addition, to the issues that Blythe has identified, we also have problems with :  the use of chiral or chemical mirroring; or the replacement of one product for another, i.e., 60-70% Vitamin D2 instead of D3; or the use of a cheaper species, ie., Echnecea purpurea rather than E. augustofolia; and various other issues confound the integrity of the products.

This reinforces the need to go to a health practitioner, and get a good quality.  Hopefully, the health practitioner has also researched all the products that they chose to use and knows which ones warrant the use.

It is because of these same issues that pharmaceutical companies can claim that supplements are of no value.  They know which ones are cheap and useless and those are the ones utilized in various studies when the intent is to negate.

Unfortunately, pharmaceuticals are fraught with all of these issues and more.

Good reason to do your research; find a good health practitioner; and take good care of your health.

Here’s to your health!

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