Oh boy, this one is scary….did you know that many medical procedures have not even been tested to demonstrate their effectiveness?

Let’s look at some of the research findings:

– 34% of tested conventional medical procedures have evidence to demonstrate they are either “beneficial” or “likely to be beneficial”.

– all other conventional beneficial medical treatments tested are classified as:

  • o “unknown effectiveness” (51%)
  • o “likely to be ineffective or harmful” (3%),
  • o “unlikely to be beneficial” (5%)
  • o “trade offs between benefits and harms” (7%).

o Link to the data: http://clinicalevidence.bmj.co…

– These numbers don’t even include almost any surgical procedures – since 90% of all surgical procedures have never been tested in randomized trials.

The following is the most thorough review of research fraud conducted to date. It was of course published by PLoS (the Public Library of Science) – an open-access, free medical journal edited by some of the most experienced medical journal editors in the field who left their previous positions at “prestigious” medical journals due to disgust with the corrupting influence of the drug companies. PLoS, unlike so called “prestigious” “scientific” journals such as JAMA or NEJM, does not take any drug company money for advertising. ….This study found that fraud and fabrication were the rule, not the exception, in the research world. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pu…

Take responsibility for your health and do your research…

Here’s to your health!

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