Once again, Happy New Year to Everyone.

I hope this is the best year you have ever had, but the worst of all those yet to come.

I am often asked “How does one eat healthy, on a budget?”

So I thought I should start a blog on that. I will attempt to write one Cheap & Easy Tip for Healthy Living each week of the year. Starting today!

People are finding that food prices are continuously rising. It is a major concern for many budgets.

We are told that foods are deficient in nutrients and high in toxins. All the pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, etc that are sprayed onto our foods. The POPs that are in the air, water and ground that get into our foods. The GMOs that are fed to us; to the poultry; to the cattle; etc. Never mind the GMO fish and plants that are being sold to us.

And at what cost? To us, the consumer. To our bodies and those of our loved ones. That make us pay to eat the toxins that cause our bodies inflammatory conditions, depression, fatigue, arthritis, etc etc etc. Then we turn around and go to the MDs that prescribe us more toxins to manage the symptoms that the food toxins (never mind the air and the water and the cleaning & hygiene products toxins) caused us. In effect, we are paying the big corporations to make us sick, and then we go back to Big Pharma and pay them to manage our symptoms with drugs that make us sicker. What a sick society. HA HA

Actually, it isn’t so funny when we look around us and see the numbers of people who are suffering physically and psychologically.

It is interesting fact that when farmers go back to organic farming, avoiding the Monsanto style of farming, they actually do have much better crops. Yes, the run the risk of a having a poor crop but then they also don’t have to put out the finances for all the herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, etc.

Yet, organic foods cost more.

So let’s take this first step and see what we can do with the Cheap & Easy Health Tips.

Let’s start with something easy. How many people buy potato chips? Maybe you know they are not good for you and only buy them when they are on sale?wikipedia potato chips

Potato chips are packed with BHT or Butyhydroxytoluene. It is used to prevent rancidity in packaged foods, especially baked goods and snacks. Like potato chips. Now BHT is also used in pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. High levels can cause cancer. How many products do you consume or apply that contain BHTs and how much has accumulated in your body?

Potato chips are made with trans fats. Some fats are very good for us and our bodies do need the healthy fats. But increased levels of trans fats cause heart disease and a variety of other issues. Low levels are found naturally in dairy and beef products. But the kind that are really bad for us are the factory produced partially hydrogenated plant oils. These are the ones that food industry prefer because they keep foods crisp.

The third major concern, and note there are a variety of others, but let’s stay focused, are the empty calories. We already suffer from nutrient deficient foods, let’s not make the problem worse by eating foods that cause problems; add calories; and don’t provide us with any nutrients.

The final issue that I will address is the salt. Now, like fats there are good salts and bad salts. Okay so the good and bad applies to almost any food group. But here we are comparing the man made sodium chloride – which is very bad for the body; with sea salts and even better Himalayan salts which contain good amounts of the minerals the body needs.

So you got the message. Potato chips are bad for you. But what do we replace them with?

Tip #1

Pop organic popcorn, in organic coconut oil.

Use the coconut oil to top the popcorn with, along with Himalayan salt.

Excellent healthy snack. I have been recommending this for years – and eat it myself.

We do not have the enzymes to break down corn, but with popcorn, we don’t have to worry.

We need the short chain fatty acids and the lauric acid, caprylic acids and other compounds in the coconut oil.

We also need the minerals in the Himalayan Salt.  himilayan salt

So we now have a cheap, healthy snack that replaces the bad stuff we find in potato chips. AND, this is even cheaper!! And everybody loves popcorn.

CAUTION: DON’T use microwave popcorn – one of the most toxic foods there is.

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Here’s to your health!

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