There is a lot of controversy over the Polio vaccination. I was called a quack by one person because I shared some of the story. I presume that person will lower themselves to name calling once again…but let’s look at some of the data:

1) these websites explain why the US Center for Disease Control changed the name of polio; that the vaccination was contaminated; and that the although the disease had run it natural course and was dying out prior to the vaccination; the vaccination was increasing the numbers again: and

2) this website:  explains how many medical professionals believe that diseases are renamed when vaccinations don’t work and end up causing what they are supposed to be eliminating:

Many in the professional community  believe that diseases are being renamed to cover up the fact that the vaccines are failing and in order to keep up the pretence that diseases have been eradicated.  Anla et al reported children being diagnosed with Guillaine Barre Syndrome (GBS) immediately after polio vaccinations in Turkey. In an article published in Neurology India, (4) Anla reported that five children became ill with GBS following a national oral polio vaccination (OPV) campaign to eradicate the disease in Turkey.

3) then we have the following:

  •       …. in reality, the incidence of limb-paralysis in children has increased after the Polio Eradication Initiative!
  •      The Web site of the National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP) reveals that the number of cases of acute               Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) in children increased from 3,047 to 60,466 (20 times) during 1997 to 2011!
  •      With many stories of forced vaccinations in the Developing World, where there is no compensation for   ADRs,  surely this makes a mockery of informed choice and state responsibility. For example, there were recently some arrests of teachers refusing entry of armed Polio vaccination teams to the school..
  •    “We arrested some staff members but released them after they swore to cooperate with us.”

I repeatedly ask readers to be responsible; to do their research; but I have to admit that it is difficult to do effective research when the regular Joe is not trained in:

  • research design and analysis
  • not able to identify the difference between causal and correlational data
  • recognize whether the species being used; or the amounts being used; or the durations are appropriate
  • biochemistry
  • organic biology
  • functional medicine
  • etc, etc

But it is also difficult to do effective research when the very people and organizations who are so supposed to :

  • collect honest data
  • protect the public
  • give honest reports

are the very people who :

  • distort the data
  • report fraudulent data
  • disguise what is really going on

While I resent the fact that so many people can be bought; it doesn’t change the reality of it.  Further, pharmaceutical companies have a legal responsibility to the financial gain of their share holders; they have no moral or ethical responsibility to the people who take the drugs.

Unfortunately, there are various “nutraceutical” companies that are also unethical:

  • a) don’t have the amounts in them that they claim, i.e., 500 mg is really 200mg
  • b) that use lubricants that protect their machinery at cost to what is going in your body, ie., magnesium stearates
  • c) that include other compounds rather than the one being labelled, i.e., 60-70% Vitamin D2 instead of D3
  • d) that use chemical chirals – the mirror image of a compound that is easy to make but useless to us
  • e) that use laboratory compounds rather than the real thing, ie., ascorbic acid rather than Vitamin C

The rest of us have to weed through this to find “truths”.  What is really happening.  All we can do is keep trying to do our best.

Here’s to your health!

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