Dr’s In today’s world we are bombarded by the fraudulent studies, the inaccuracies, the lack of scientific data when it comes to our pharmaceutical / medical professions.  Here is yet another professional who

pharmaceuticalcame out of the closet some years ago.  The following is from his website…

“Dr. William Drew, a Neuropsychopharmacologist, taught:  pharmacology, neuropharmacology and neuropsychology to hundreds of medical students and dozens of graduate students over a 15 yr period. His research resulted in 50 some published studies in well respected, peer-reviewed medical journals and was meritoriously sufficient to win $4.6 million in federal research grants.    He wrote the following:

“Along with thousands of other health professionals I now feel that many aspects of the practice of medicine are immoral, unethical, impractical, financially devastating and must be stopped.  The immorality comes from the inescapable fact that the medical establishment not only holds sick people hostage but makes a business, even a monopoly out of illness and suffering.  This is immoral.  I would not necessarily hold this view had I not been witness to repeated medical establishment cover ups and deliberate attempts to discredit revolutionary findings and cures that would end human suffering on a massive scale.  These were acts done by those with vested interests in keeping people sick.  It is immoral to deprive people of access to information, new or old, that can cure diseases, remove the underlying causes of sickness or that can restore health.”


It is important to do your research…

Here’s to your health!

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