Many single people complain that Valentine’s Day is just for couples.  Not so in my mind.  I have been single for almost 15 years and Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite days.  I turned it inDr Holly red rosesto my very own tradition and love it.

First off, you have to understand that if you are truly a Romantic – romance is within – just like happiness.  Find what is romantic for you – it might be a place; or a behaviour; or a season; or a food; but look within yourself and identify all your own romance.  For instance, for me, a very romantic thing is to put the fireplace on, have a good cup of hot chocolate, a great book, and time to myself….no one to ask anything of me, but just to be.

For you, it might be a hot soapy bath; or a walk on the beach; it might be having dinner with your best friend…you decide…its your life…you get to make the rules.

Secondly, we usually associate Valentine’s Day with love.  I love the Buddhist understanding of love:  whether to love the self or another, you have to completely accept the person (you or the other) as they currently are; and at the same time be pushing the person (you or the other) to reach their greatest potential.  I take the Valentine’s day opportunity to simply accept the self as I currently am – with my strengths and weaknesses, my pleasures and woes, and simply be.  (I spend most of the time pushing towards a greater potential, this is my day to just be.)

My favourite all time dish is Lobster Thermidor.  So I make myself a special Lobster Thermador every Valentine’s Day.  I set the table very romantically – I love the red tablecloth Dr Holly Valentine's Day table setting for oneand white candles and white dishes.  I buy myself a lovely red rose and set it on the table.  I make a special fruit cocktail (I have never drank alcohol).  I put the fireplace on.  I put my favourite music on.  And I celebrate all my blessings in life.

Now, I could share that with some one else, or I can simply celebrate it on my own.  It doesn’t really matter, because I am the romance…what matters is that I experienced a beautiful romantic day; loved the self; and felt totally blessed.

Here’s to you creating your beautiful day.  Happy Valentine’s Day.