Stemkine – is this just one more product that I don’t really need?

What is Stemkine?  Does it have real research behind it?  It is just another marketing gimic?

Let’s give it a real look.

StemKine is a product that promotes your body to release its own stored stem cells.  These stem cells are usually stored in our bones and fat cells.   Further, it provokes the body to create more stem cells.

Okay – but what are Stem Cells and why should you  care?

Stem cells are the original cells the body makes.  They are called “undifferentiated” cells because they haven’t grown into a specific kind of cell.  Depending on where they are released in the body or where they are transported to – will determine “how they will grow up and what they will be as adult cells”.

When our body has been traumatized and needs new cells, stem cells come to rescue and develop in that particular region according to what is required.  Thus, they are hugely required when we need :

  • Healing
  • Repair
  • Renewal

They may be required in your:

  • Hair and nails
  • Soft tissue
  • Organ tissue
  • Bone and connective tissue

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