It t be difficult to be a young parent today…amongst many other issues is the issue of vaccinations.  Many will tell you all the reasons why you need to vaccinate and many will tellDr Holly needles you the reasons not to vaccinate.

Those who think it is wrong, quote or reference all the articles that conclude that you shouldn’t…and of course, those who think it is right, quote/reference all the articles that conclude that you should.  On one side is Big Bad Pharma and on the other side is the Quack.  I would imagine there are good and bad guys on both sides.

There are scientific challenges on both sides, ie., poor scientific design.  Who funds the study.  If it is the government…are the pharmaceutical companies behind them?

Are they comparing vaccinated kids with vaccinated kids?  Are they using enough time lag?  Are they looking at the right variables?

Youtubes like make a lot of statements that sound good on the surface until you start to look at them more closely.  But that be said of youtubes that are also against vaccinations.  So who do you believe?

My challenge is that none of them are asking the right questions?  How does your immune develop – just like your muscles – through challenge.  Our immune systems need to be provoked and challenged in order to grow…just like toddlers need to fall, swerve and stumble to know how to walk and how to regain balance when you tip over.

As a new down hill skier, one of the first things you learn to do is fall.  That way you know how to protect yourself going “down” when it is without intent.  AND you know how to pick yourself back up again.

Likewise, a toddler, learns how to gain balance, loose balance and either restore balance or get back up again.

Well, the same can be said for the immune system.  It needs to know how to falter; how to regain balance; and how to strengthen.

When developmental years were observed historically, children often had growth spurts after they experienced an illness.  Is this not a natural part of life?

What we are finding out now is that the microbiota in the gut (and we do have it throughout the body, but let’s focus on the gut) is not only involved in the metabolization of food but also the immune system, which is mostly in the gut as well.

Further, this immune/microbiota interaction also interacts with the brain and the rest of the body.

How does the vaccination impact on the microbiota and what is the subsequent impact on us?

So here are some controversial programs – you decide what is right for you and your child.  But don’t forget, million of dollars have been paid out to Vaccine damaged children:

Against Vaccines: (Dr. Palevsky) (Dr. Mercola’s review) (Dr Meryl Nass)

For Vaccines:

Be responsible.  Do your homework.  Find a good health practitioner.


Here’s to your health!

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