Unfortunately there is a huge misconception about variety of fresh herbswhat detox herbs do…as if they all work doing a similar function…lets review just a few of the functions of a detox herb so that you can understand why there are so many different ones that do a lousy job, a mediocre job or an excellent job….and how well they work may not be a reflection of what the diet, cleanse, detox formulation does but rather a function of what your particular need might be.

Most detox programs focus on the liver.  Why?  Well because it does over 500 functions and it is also the primary site in the body for detoxification.  Consequently, if it is not functioning well due to toxicity, that is going to effect its ability to do these over 500 functions.

Herbs may be protective herbs, ie. liver protective herbs are called hepatic.  The following is a short list of some of the functions that herbs can provide to support the liver and a few examples of herbs in each category. ( Note: one must be careful when creating herbal supplements:  if out of balance, they can cause problems; if not in the right combination they can cause problems; you need to determine what you want to accomplish and how best to achieve that.)

promoting regeneration of the liver:  Milk thistle

protecting the liver from toxins: Licorice (increases interferon), Yellow dock

promoting bile production which helps eliminate the toxins: Artichoke, Barberry, Boldo, Borotutu Bark, Dandelion root, Peppermint, Yellow dock

supporting the production of glutathione (master anti-oxidant, detoxer, chelator in the body; protects and regulates the mitochondria, hormones, Nitric Oxide, etc and the highest concentration is in the liver): Garlic, Milk thistle, NAC, Tumeric

(Note: actual glutathione has a difficult time passing through the intestinal wall AND there are no receptors to take it into the cells – so we have to help the body make it using formulations like Protandim and OGF)

absorbing toxins and transporting through the bile into bowel:  Artichoke, Tumeric

strengthens the liver organ: Barberry,

elimination of liver, gallbladder and kidney stones: Chanca piedra, Chicory root

stimulates enzymes that flush out toxins:  Dandelion, Tumeric

cleansing the blood &/or lymph:  Red Clover, Stinging Nettles, Yellow dock,

provides anti-inflammatory action in the liver: Balmony, Black root, Dandelion, Turmeric

provides anti-oxidant action: Ashwagandha

helps move toxins through the liver:  Greater celandine

eliminating pathogens (virus, bacteria, etc): Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Golden seal

I work with the ASYRA in my clinic.  It allows us to identifymy picture asyra over 60,000 variables in the body that might be the underlying issue:  chemical and metal toxicities, hormone imbalance, allergies, nutrient deficiencies, pathogens, organ dysfunctions, vertebral misalignments, and much much more.

This helps us to both identify what the underlying problems might be and identify ways to solve the problems rather than just manage the symptoms.

Be responsible, do your research, take care of your health.

Here’s to your health!

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