Shrinks say side effects are your fault – this is almost too ridiculous to be true, BUT Dr. W C Douglass presented it on his website…

Go to the end of the article for my 2 cents worth…

Diarrhea, hair loss, dizziness, sex problems, bad gas, depression — don’t blame your meds for these and other side effects. 


Blame your doctor — and blame yourself! 

A pair of shrinks claim the power of suggestion is so strong that your doctor can actually CAUSE drug side effects by simply warning you about them. The shrinks (being shrinks) have even come up with a DSM-ready name for it: The “nocebo” effect.

And to “prove” this bit of nonsense, the shrinks point to a few studies where weird things happened — like a patient in a drug study who swallowed 26 placebos in a suicide attempt, and saw his blood pressure fall. 

Umm… huh?

The patient wasn’t attempting to lower his blood pressure. He wanted to DIE — and failed to make it happen even after swallowing what he believed to be a dangerous number of pills. 

If you’re looking for an example of a “nocebo effect,” you better keep searching ’cause that’s certainly NOT it.

The researchers also point to studies that show patients feel more pain when told to expect more pain. 

So what? There’s never been any doubt that the mind and body can have a powerful effect on one another, and pain is the best example of this around. 

But you’d have to be nutty as a shrink to take this to the extreme.

If you’re bleeding in the brain after taking daily aspirin, it’s not because your doctor warned you about the risk. If you develop diabetes because of statin use, it’s not because you read the latest alert from the FDA. And if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction so severe that it lasts for years after you stopped taking your hair-growth meds, it’s definitely not the power of suggestion at work. 

It’s the power of drugs, plain and simple.

The shrinks say docs should “use the power of their words appropriately” lest they cause side effects merely by mentioning them. But I say any doctor who knows of the potential for side effects and DOESN’T warn his patients is guilty of malpractice.

My response…we are all responsible…

Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for putting their profits ahead of our health.

The physician is responsible for knowing the side effects of his medications…you would not believe how many physicians, I have had to inform that their patients were toxic on the cocktail of drugs prescribed to them!!

Physicians should be made to understand what the PLoS (Public Libary of Science – a non-pharmaceutical controlled medical science journal) found after an exhaustive examination of medical/pharmaceutical research – that “fraudalent research was the norm not the exception”!!

The physician should also be aware that most medical procedures and practicies have actually not been proven!!! Also to know when given diagnostic procedures have poor results – the mammogram and the PSA both given a D rating.

Finally, the patient is responsible for his/her health. They are also responsible for researching the medications, surgeries, etc that they are prescribed by their physician. It is similar to the taxation department not allowing for ignornace to be an excuse….your body does not accept ignorance as an excuse!!!

Do your research – to whatever your capacity – it is your body, your mind, your health!!! Take care of it.

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