Wow!! That’s huge and very scary.

A Mayo Clinic study found that 88% of medical diagnoses are inaccurate or outright wrong. Even with cancer! The National Academy of Medicine reported that about 12 million people in the US, in 2015, were misdiagnosed.

Now, we have to take a few things into consideration:

1) there are over 10,000 diseases

2) there are about 300 symptoms

3) people do not know how to accurately describe symptoms

4) physicians are human and make mistakes

But why is it that second opinions agree with the first opinion only 12% of the time?

Another issue that is of major concern is that the medical coding system was designed for billing purposes, not to collect health statistics. There are a huge number of issues with the coding system itself and that may also be a contributing factor.

A study at John Hopkins claims that the only reason that medical errors are not more widely recognized as the third leading cause of death in North America is because it is not an option on the tracking devices!!

When they looked at prior research, John Hopkins, claims that over 250,000 Americans die each year due to medical errors which comes in third topped only by heart disease and cancer! What do these medical errors include? Issues that range from surgical complications that go unrecognized to mix-ups with does or types of medications prescribed.

Again, the National Academy of Medicine reported that misdiagnosis contributes to 10% of patient deaths. Misdiagnosis apparently kills more than Alzheimer’s, diabetes, suicide and car accidents combined. Wow! Again, that’s scary.

When dealing with REAL medicine as opposed to SYNTHETIC medicine, it is more important to find what the underlying cause of the illness is, so that we can help the body correct the dysfunction and get back into healing, like the body was designed to do.

So the major concerns with Western Conventional Medicine are:

  1. 88% of the time, there is an inaccurate diagnosis
  2. whatever the diagnosis, they provide prescriptions to manage the symptomsPills Pills Pills 4
  3. 99% of prescriptions deplete the body of nutrient
  4. the underlying issue continues to compromise the body
  5. the prescriptions now add to the problem

Do your research. Choose wisely.

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