How many times have you heard that all you need is this vitamin or mineral or omega 3 or fiber or compound and it will solve all your health issues?

I get so frustrated when I hear these claims – do you?

Now, my favorite compound is the body is glutathione – glutathione has to be one of the most important compounds in the body – it is involved in so many processes from:

  • anti-oxidant
  • detox
  • inflammation
  • hormone regulation
  • immune system regulation
  • mitochondrial protection
  • uptake of oxygen and C02 in the blood
  • and much much more…

But the catch is this…you need all kinds of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, etc to make the glutahtione and to regulate the glutahtione.

In my last PhD (Nutrition), I put forward an integrated model for the biochemistry of cellular healing – and it all revolved all the nutrients required in:

  • the 4 components of the methylation cycle
  • DNA expressionDr Holly picture of healthy foods
  • mitochondrial functioning

the point is, as much as glutathione is a hugely important compound to virtually all processes in the body – it does NOT operate in isolation.  There are 8 different glutathione compounds in the body and they are all interdependent on other nutrients/compounds for regulation and for synthesis/production of the glutathione.

NOTHING HAPPENS IN ISOLATION!!!  Whether in the universe, in a jungle or the ocean, in a family or with friends or at work…everything happens in conjunction with other things, compounds, events, etc.  Consequently, if anyone tells you that a given item is the be all / end all for health, know that they are just wrong!

We can say, however, that most of us are depleted in given compounds/nutrients that are important for a wide variety of issues.  For instance, most of us are deficient in:

Vitamin C – the plants are not making it because the soils are depleted in magnesium – and the synthetic ascorbic acid IS NOT the Vitamin C we need – AND Vitamin C is required for many funcitons

Vitamin D – we are not getting enough REAL sunshine – on our skin – without the cancer provoking sunscreens that block out the UVB rays that we need, rather than the UVA rays that are dangerous – Vitamin D is required for cholesterol health; our immune system; 25% of our DNA; etc

Magnesium – the soils are depleted; so the plants are depleted; so we are depleted – we know that magnesium is required for over 380 different cellular processes; muscle relaxation; nerve function; vasodilation in the arteries; and much more

Deficiency in any of these three nutrients can have devastating impact on our health – from arthritis, to depression, to diabetes to heart issues to cancer and so much more.   But none of them operate in isolation!!  They are all interdependent on a huge number of other nutrients.Dr Holly healthy fat salad

Further, most nutrients that we take internally (we make Vitamin D in the skin) they need, they need other compounds to break them down and provide transport mechanisms from the gut into the body – we need more nutrients to transport them in the blood to the liver, so the liver can work with them even more – then transport the new compounds in the blood to where they are required.  AGAIN, nothing happens in isolation.   Be wise.

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Here’s to your health!

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