Alzheimer’s unfortunately is a challenging disorder for both the diagnosed and the entire family.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  It is now understood that toxicity and inflammation and oxidative stress cause the profile of symptoms called Alzheimer’s.

Taking anti-inflammatory supplements like the Omega 3’s and glutathione can actually reverse the process.  In addition, there are various minerals, proteins and herbs that help the brain tremendously.

The following is an excerpt from the Health Sciences Institute about Lies that are promoted by the medical profession:

LIE #6
‘Nothing can help your Alzheimer’s…’

‘I’m sorry, but your CT scan shows early-stage Alzheimer’s. We can slow your decline somewhat, but there is no cure. You should begin to arrange for your long-term care…’

Alzheimer’s Can Be Stopped-but The
Ortho-Docs Don’t Know It

Please pardon the shouting type here, but we must say this as loudly as we can: If you or a friend begins to show any symptoms of Alzheimer’s, head straight for an alternative-medicine physician. Do not even think about wasting your time on an establishment ‘McDoctor.’

Alzheimer’s is a serious condition, now nearing pandemic stages, and you cannot afford to waste time on conventional, white bread physicians who will tell you that you can’t prevent it or stop it. We can and we have.

Don’t Be Faked Out

It’s true that Alzheimer’s is a slow-growing disorder.  The trouble is, by the time the victim (or his family) admits that it’s not just ordinary forgetfulness, it’s usually late in the game. So if it’s Alzheimer’s, you don’t have a moment to spare. You must pounce on it promptly.

But how? Extremely few people know that it can be contained, stopped in its tracks…and often reversed.  At the Health Sciences Institute, we have recommended a number of non-drug, non-
invasive treatment protocols for Alzheimer’s in recent years.  Today we would like to present you with the 4 best. Because the matter is so urgent, we are revealing the full names of these remedies in the discussion below.

Dramatic Results at UCLA

A recent press release from neuroscientists at UCLA announced thatDHA(docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid, holds Alzheimer’s at bay in mice.

They induced Alzheimer’s in several groups of lab mice to the point where they had brain lesions. Half those mice then got aDHA-deficient diet for 5 months.  The other half got plenty ofDHA.  Then they put the mice into a tank of water and trained them to swim to a raised platform in it to rest on.  After that, they submerged the platform slightly out of sight, so the mice had to recall where it was…

TheDHA-fed mice usually located it with no trouble. But theDHA-deprived mice, more often than not, couldn’t find it at all! They swam in circles at the edge of the tank, says a co-author of the study. (Sounds to us like the mouse-world equivalent of not being able to find your car keys.)

  • Step One for preventing or stopping Alzheimer’s: Go to your health food store and buy a bottle ofDHA.
  • Step Two for preventing or stopping Alzheimer’s: Go to a local health food store and get some alpha-lipoic acid capsules. ALA is widely recognized as the king of antioxidants. So even if you aren’t in any danger of mental decline, it will still do you good in dozens of ways. Here’s the proof…

They Stopped the Enemy
at the

At German universities inHannover,Wurzburg, andLeipzig, researchers took another major step ahead in the fight against Alzheimer’s in 2000.

They gave 600 mg a day ofALA(alpha-lipoic acid) to 9 human subjects (average age, 67) with Alzheimer’s.  After 337 days, the extremely encouraging results:  None of the patients showed any decline in that time. Now, this isn’t a huge number of subjects, but if you’ve ever had to watch a loved one sinking with Alzheimer’s for a year, you know that’s an incredible outcome. No drug on the market today has done that.

Moreover, they weren’t guessing-they tested before and after with Germanic precision, using the standard MMSE and the cognitive subscale ADASCog (Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale). The results are real.

Going Beyond Stability to
Marked Improvement

The reason you are able to read this is that you have healthy quantities of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine throughout your brain.

But if you develop Alzheimer’s, that acetylcholine declines and gets broken down rapidly by an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase (AChE). Bad news. Soon thereafter, you start to punctuate conversations with, ‘Let’s see, what was I talking about?’  And it’s downhill from there.

However, in the late ’80s, a research team found that Huperzine-A, an extract of the ancient Chinese herb Huperzia serrata, easily goes through the blood-brain barrier and stops AChE from destroying your precious acetylcholine.  Then, in a landmark study (placebo-controlled and double-blind) they discovered that 58% of Alzheimer’s-patient subjects had a ‘significant improvement in cognitive and memory function’ when they got a mere 0.2 mg of Huperzine a day.

In case you missed it, that means THEYGOTBETTER. That’s right: Alzheimer’s can now be haltedANDsometimes even reversed.

  • Step Three for reversing Alzheimer’s: Stock up on Huperzine-A before you lose any more buttons.

Snowdrops and Daffodils

Those 2 dainty flowers yield an extract called galantamine, which stops Alzheimer’s rapidly by boosting your acetylcholine noticeably.
A 5-part study inBelgium concluded unanimously that Alzheimer’s patients given galantamine lost none of their mental abilities, while the control subjects given placebos fell apart rapidly, just as you would expect. In another study, doctors at the Helsinki University Central Hospital in Finland started giving 24 mg of galantamine to 359 of 537 Alzheimer’s patients each day (the rest got placebos)…

After 6 months, the placebo group was allowed to switch to galantamine.

At the end of a year, both groups were given 3 brain tests. On 2 of the tests, the fortunate ones who had been on galantamine for the whole 12 months scored twice as high as those who had started with placebos. On the third test, they equaled or beat their own scores from 12 months before. Try to get those kinds of results from any medical drug.  You can’t do it. So take Step Four for reversing Alzheimer’s and get a bottle of galantamine.

THE BOTTOM LINE FOR ALL THE ABOVE:   Take this advice and you will most likely NOT be among the 50% of North Americans who will have Alzheimer’s by age 85.

But to keep up with the constant new discoveries about Alzheimer’s (which you won’t find in the popular press), you must become a member of the only organization dedicated to unraveling the medical establishment’s tapestry of lies-and bringing you the cures your doctor doesn’t know about. Almost 100,000 others just like you have already joined, and are feeling and looking younger and more pain-free than they ever thought possible.  Just complete the simple enrollment form on the last page to become one of them yourself…


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