MLMs are well known in the health industry and like any other product line – there are alot of “crappy” ones that are really of no value; drugsthere are some mediocre ones; and there are a few excellent ones.

In the last decade, health products have sold like beauty products.  People are becoming more and more aware of how important their health is and attempting to take responsibility for it.

Of course, that means that there are people who are both creative and manipulative who will take advantage of that emerging market.  But just like people in other trades and professions you will also find those who are passionate about what they do and truly believe in helping people.

So how do you know what is good and what isn’t?  What you should invest in or not.

When it comes to products that are recommended for “the rest of your life”, I have issue.  It may be a great product, but if I am healthy and eat healthy, why am I supposed to take it for the rest of my life?  My perspective is, contrary to the MLMs, is that if you clean up your health; eat a healthy whole organic, non-GMO diet, then you shouldn’t have to be on the product for the rest of your life.  Now, if you simply take the product and don’t clean up your health, then you may need that product for the rest of your life…

Another issue I take into considerations is:  is there outside clinical studies or laboratory testing.  If all the testing is done within the company, then they don’t have the credibility, validity and reliability studies, that another product may have.

Another issue I look at is:  how unique is the product and how long will it take for other companies to provide a similar formula?  Patents of course protect the product formula, but it doesn’t take long for other companies to provide very similar products.  So is it worth the investment?  You have to decide that.  But that is a separate issue from whether or not the product is effective.  Many MLM companies that provide health products will start with a product or a protocol that they think is unique – but will then start adding in all the other common products whether it be beauty aids, or vitamin supplements, or detox formulas, shakes, etc.  They might as well get in on the common product share…but does that make their company any better or worse than other companies – you have to decide.

I use a few unique MLM products in my clinic practice.  There is not one, that I would keep clients on long term.  They all have outside independent studies.  My research on them includes:

1) where they are grown – are they organic or even better wild crafted; what are the soils like; etc

2) how are they harvested – for some plants or herbs the time of day for harvesting may be very important in nutrient density

3) how are they formulated – with heat vs cold pressed; or in what combination (are they synergistic or not), etc

When I do my research on a given product I have come across companies that refuse to provide this basic information; or people in formulation departments that haven’t got a clue; or people in their science departments that cannot answer my questions – even very basic questions!!

I have confronted companies that claim that their product is unique – when in fact, the same harvest, protocol and formula has already been established in other companies.

I have confronted companies who claim that their products are clean but when tested have all the toxic compounds in them that other companies have.

Other issues that come up are that the initial formula was changed – down graded, due to costs usually – but the company didn’t bother to tell any of the reps.  Or that they have told their reps that the formula was changed and upgraded – when it was actually downgraded.  Or claim that they improved the formula with new compounds and it is now better, but no clinical testing was done to prove it.  Or that their product xxx times better than a similar product, but again no testing was actually done.  And umpteen other questions, but you get the picture.

One question I have been asked is whether one product can really account for all of the claimed issues.  Well actually, it could.  It depends on how the product is utilized in the body systemically.  For instance, if the product is necessary to every cell in the body – then it could have a systemic effect.  On the other hand, there are products out there that are necessary to every cell in the body, but there are no transport mechanisms to get it into the cell – the cells have to make it!!!  So while the compound can have systemic effects, the product is useless – at least for the manner in which it is being marketed.  The body can usually breakdown the components and utilize them in a variety of ways.

Delievry is another important consideration, not just in terms of whether it can get inside the cell, but can it get to its destination, probiotics would be a major issue here.  Is there a delivery system that gets them to their required site; will they still be alive by the time they get to their site; etc.

There are products that provide the nutrients to the cells to make a given compound but are really useless unless other cellular issues are taken care of first…again there are all kinds of issues to take into consideration and all kinds of ways to manipulate the general public.

Of course, they all have a similar hype:  they are the best; they will be a household name; they have ethics and integrity; they give to charity; etc etc   All sounds good and is designed to capture the general public.

Bottom line….Be Careful…Don’t believe everything you read or everything they tell you.  There are some really good products out there, but they are far and few between.

Here’s to your health!

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