These foods are considered carcinogenic? Many foods that we assume would be healthy for you can actually be carcinogenic.

Dr Holly - real whole organic food and medicine

Dr Holly – real whole organic food and medicine

Canned tomatoes & other canned foods are typically lined with bisphenol-A aka BPA. When the FDA actually agrees that something may be a problem. It is a good time to look. As we all know, the FDA is certainly not in the habit of protecting the people. Tomatoes are particularly acidic, thus leeching the BPA from the lining of the cans.

BPAs have an affect on the DNA or genes of rat brains. Now granted we have to acknowledge, that that doesn’t conclusively mean it effects our brains, but are you willing to take the chance? Or, you can buy tomatoes in glass containers and bottles.

We all know that fish is good for you. Salmon, in particular, has omega 3s which are anti-inflammatory. Dr Holly categories of fishThe challenge with fish is how much of it is farmed fish. Farmed fish are fed diets full of contaminated chemicals, pesticides, PCBs, mercury and other cancer causing dioxins.  All of which are known to be carcinogenic. And, the farmed fish have significantly less omega 3s.

Their living conditions have created a major concern over sea lice. These sea lice are upwards of 30 times more concentrated than is naturally found in the ocean. And, now these sea lice are moving out of the farmed areas and into our oceans.

Processed meats are also on the list. Whether it is hot dogs, sausages & bacon or the endless list of deli favorites, they all contain heavy amounts of salts, preservatives, sodium nitrates, etc that are carcinogenic. In addition, they pick up the ‘tar’ from the smoking which is also detrimental.

Soda pops are both directly and indirectly linked to cancers. The excessive amount of sugar or aspartame, which many claim is even worse than the sugar, leads to all kinds of problems. The excess sugars in the body cause the formation of AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) which are even more dangerous than free radicals. They attach to the cellular membrane and cause everything from minor cellular to disruption to cancer and death in the cells.

In addition, they also contain artificial colorings and toxic food chemicals like 4-MI (4-methylimidazole).

We keep coming back to the same easy concept. Use whole organic fresh foods. Take care of your diet; be aware of your food sources; protect your health so that you don’t end up spending your wealth struggling to regain your health.

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