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Another professional speaks out against the medical/pharmaceutical profession

Dr's In today's world we are bombarded by the fraudulent studies, the inaccuracies, the lack of scientific data when it comes to our pharmaceutical / medical professions.  Here is yet another professional who came out of the closet some years ago.  The following is from his website... "Dr. William Drew, a Neuropsychopharmacologist, taught:  pharmacology, neuropharmacology [...]

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Medical procedures – not even tested?

Oh boy, this one is scary....did you know that many medical procedures have not even been tested to demonstrate their effectiveness? Let's look at some of the research findings: - 34% of tested conventional medical procedures have evidence to demonstrate they are either "beneficial" or "likely to be beneficial". - all other conventional beneficial medical [...]

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What do excess estrogens cause?

How many types of estrogens are there?  Excess estrogens, xenoestrogens, peudo estrogens, phyto estrogens (isoflavones and lignans), – what is it all about?  Well to begin with not all estrogens are  good – some are harmful. Many have heard that we are becoming far to estrongenized.  What does that mean and how does it impact [...]

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So who is to blame?

Shrinks say side effects are your fault - this is almost too ridiculous to be true, BUT Dr. W C Douglass presented it on his website... Go to the end of the article for my 2 cents worth... Diarrhea, hair loss, dizziness, sex problems, bad gas, depression -- don't blame your meds for these and [...]

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The Acid Alkaline Debate

Many have heard about whether the body should be alkaline or acidic – but don’t really understand the mechanisms; think that they are nonsense; or that the body will take care of it. Let’s look at some of the issues: 1)      We determine the acidic or alkalinity by using a measure called pH – which [...]

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Do you ever get “snackish” before bed?

Recently I read an article about foods to eat and not to eat prior to bed:  here are some other ideas… 1)      Fruit should always be eaten on an empty stomach and definitely not with dairy Prior to bed the worst fruits to eat would be oranges as they turn into sugar in the body [...]

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Should anti-bacterial soaps be used?

I believe it was in the 1990s that anti-bacterial soaps were introduced to the general market.  From the beginning, I was against them.  Research revealed that usually they were preventing general, easy bacteria that the body could get rid of.  They did not remove the more dangerous ones. Why should this be a problem?  Well, [...]

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Stem cells – do you have enough?

Stemkine – is this just one more product that I don’t really need? What is Stemkine?  Does it have real research behind it?  It is just another marketing gimic? Let’s give it a real look. StemKine is a product that promotes your body to release its own stored stem cells.  These stem cells are usually [...]

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