Baking soda can be utilized for many different health issues. However, you always want to make sure that you use baking soda without aluminum. The main reason that baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) helps health is by its ability to both neutralize acids and alkaline compounds and to slow down the capacity for the compound to change again.
This is the reason that baking soda is utilized in the fridge (to neutralize acidic odors); or used in laundry soaps (helps boost the detergent’s power); etc. So let’s look at some daily habits that can utilize baking soda and then at some health possibilities of baking soda:

  • 1) mouthwash: 1 tsp of baking soda in a half glass of water; swish; spit; rinse.
    2) toothpaste: baking soda + 3% hydrogen peroxide + a drop of oil of peppermint
    3) facial exfoliant: 3 parts baking soda + water = make paste and rub in a circular motion
    4) deodorant: pat baking soda to the underarms
    5) hand cleanser/softener: 3 parts baking soda + .5 part honey + 1 part water
    6) shampoo: start with a baking soda mix: one tbsp baking soda + 1 C warm water in a bottle and shake thoroughly; work into hair & rinse thoroughly. Next: vinegar rinse (the smell will go when you rinse it)mix 1 – 2 tbsp vinegar + 1 C water in bottle, shake, work into the hair; rinse thoroughly. Follow with lemon juice mix: mix 1 lemon with equal amt of water: work into hair and rinse thoroughly.

Did you know that historical cultures even used baking soda (in its natural form, it was called Nahcolite, and was used by the Egyptians for a variety of cleaning purposes.

And then for health, we have:

  •  1) baking soda has a number of effects on the stomach:
    • a) During the digestive period, sodium bicarbonate reduces the secretion of gastric juice; neutralizes the hydrochloric acid; “liberates” carbon dioxide gas (which is a carminative); which is absorbed as sodium chloride (take 1 hr prior to a meal)
      b) Once food has been digested, sodium bicarbonate dissolves the mucus and is absorbed as bicarbonate into the blood, to increase its alkalinity directly. (taken at bedtime cleans the stomach acid in the AM)
      c) It may neutralize the organic acids and may open the pylorus valve (between the stomach and the small intestine and which may be spasmodically closed) (take 1 hr before a meal)
      d) It may resolve gas in the stomach and the intestines (take 1 hr after a meal)
  • 2) Other issues it has been used with,  include:
    • a) respiratory issues
    • b) pyelitis (inflammation of the kidneys resulting from a bacterial infection that moves up through the urinary tract to the kidneys)
      c) uric acid issues
    • d) rheumatism
    • e) burns and sunburns (add to bath and soak; or apply a paste as a cool compress to burn)
    • f) ulcer pains
    • g) kidney disease
    • h) diabetes
    • i) insect bites (make a paste and rub onto skin)
    • j) cancer
    • k) detox (combine with apple cider vinegar)
    • l) fungal treatment
  • 3) the combination of :
  •            a) iodine
    • b) selenium
    • c) Vitamin C
    • e) baking soda
    • has been used to fight viruses
  • 4) baking soda and magnesium has been used to support the mitochondria (the organelle in every cell of the body that makes ATP/the fuel for the cell)

BUT you need to make sure you have baking soda WITHOUT aluminum!!

Here’s to your health!

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