Most people equate high blood pressure with various heart conditions.  blood pressureUnfortunately, this is very misleading.

First, there are a lot of conditions that can cause high blood pressure AND every part of your body can be effected by it, especially the brain!!

High blood pressure puts a lot of stress on the brain.  The blood flow becomes spiked and the brain receives oxygen and nutrient inconsistently.  Studies are now showing that high blood pressure is associated with:

  • slower thinking
  • reduced recognition abilities
  • dementias including Alzheimer’s
  • reduced performance on visual processing
  • reduced processing speed
  • and of course we know that it is associated with: brain
    • transient ischemic attacks (TIAs)
    • strokes

So let’s look at what can cause high blood pressure and then we will look at ways to correct it – without having to use drugs that fail to solve the underlying issues.

1) psychological stress (both cognitive and emotional stress can cause high blood pressure) – both cognitive and gut stress impacts on the adrenals – the adrenals pump out various hormones – the system goes into fight/flight response and high blood pressure results

2) gut issues can cause high blood pressure.  When the body cannot get the nutrients it needs from the gut and/or the gut leaks out toxins, a wide number of issues can happen:

  • the body including the heart and cardio system cannot replenish and sustain itself
  • weight gain – the body has to create more blood vessels to support the weight
    • the cardio system has to work harder to move the blood further
  • increased toxicity – the toxicity scrapes away at the vascular system; blocks receptors; causes inflammation & dysfunction
  • low pH levels – enzymes cannot function effectively in a low pH environment and cannot metabolize the nutrients we need
  • poor gut flora – we have over 1000 different bacterias in our gut that we need to help metabolize our food and synthesize vitamins that we require
  • without good pH, good gut bacteria, good enzyme activity, good nutrient – our heart and cardiovascular system cannot get the nutrients they need to function

3) poor diet:

a)  most North Americans consume far too much sugar; or consume artificial sugars (just as bad and sometimes worse); this sugar is a huge component of :

  • soft drinks
  • fruit drinks
  • flavoured water
  • sports drinks
  • never mind all the
    • baking
    • ice cream
    • fast foods
    • snack foods

b) AGEs – when sugars are combined with lipids or proteins (either in the body or in foods consumed) without the enzyme process in the body, they create AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) that attach to cells throughout the body including in the heart and arteries and cause a lot of damage

c) food that is microwaved, pasturized, artificial, etc lack nutrients – so we end up with calories but not nutrients

d) food that is full of toxins

4) poor arterial health, arterioles can be horribly abused by AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts), metal toxicity, environmental toxicities, etc

  • when the arteries – arterioles are constantly challenged by the toxins, inflammation occurs, cholesterols have to come in and bandage them up; this causes the arteries to be smaller – forcing the blood through narrow channels

5) low levels of glutathione impact on low levels of Nitric oxide (NO) which is a primary compound that provokes vasodilation – arteries need to expand and contract in order to push the blood through the body.  Low levels of NO correlate with an inability of the arteries to expand and contract, which then puts more pressure on the heart to push the blood through the body

6) poor kidney function – we can have poor kidney function for 20 years and not know it.  The kidneys are responsible for cleaning out the blood and for keeping the water levels in the blood at a good level – when this fails the blood becomes thick and puts pressure on the heart

7) poor liver function – we can have poor liver function for even longer and not know about it.  The liver is predominantly responsible for altering all the toxins in the blood so that they can either be eliminated with the bile (and out through the bowels) or prepare the toxins so that the kidneys can draw them out and into the urinary system

8) mediations – many prescription and over the counter drugs can raise your blood pressure

  • acetaminophen
  • antidepressants
  • anti inflammatories
  • birth controls
  • decongestants
  • NSAIDs (naproxen, ibuprofen)

9) herbal remedies – many herbs are known to be either hypo-tensives or hyper-tensives; so make sure you are working with a good health practitioner who knows which herbs might either interfere, contradict or support what medications you are taking

10) sleep issues – studies are now showing that less than 6 hours of sleep/night can contribute to or exacerbate high blood pressure

11) alcohol & other recreational drugs – these chemicals toxify the liver which is responsible for over 500 functions including preparing toxins to be eliminated from the body through the urinary system or the bowel system – if the liver cannot prepare the toxins – the blood remains thick with chemicals that have numerous dangerous effects on the vascular system

Natural ways to lower high blood pressure:

1) increase your glutathione(master anti-oxidant; master chelator (eliminates the heavy metal toxins in the blood); regulates NO; and a huge number of other functions)

2) increase your NO (and don’t use L-arginine supplements – they will work for a couple of weeks and then make matters worse)

3) eat only whole foods, with about 40% raw

4) detox the liver

5) eliminate sugars

6) support your kidneys

7) review your medications (WHO says that most of the pharmaceuticals North Americans are taking are unnecessary and detrimental AND when you put together the results of medications and physicians – you’ve got the #1 cause of death in North America)

8) increase activity – exercise helps to move all the fluids in they body; increases oxygen flow through the body; helps the body to eliminate C02; and helps to move nutrients

Be responsible, do your research, find a good health practitioner.

Here’s to your health!

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Now let’s look at the results of high blood pressure:

1) significantly increases the risk of mild cognitive impairment

  • dementia – vascular dementia
  • Alzheimer’s
    • especially in men
    • and especially when the systolic (the top number) number is higher, i.e., above 140
    • when both numbers are too high, there tends to be a cognitive decline over time