Polyphenols and herbs and YOU!

Last article we talked about the different types of polyphenols in foods...this time we are going to talk about them with regard to herbs. In general, phenolics have a benzene ring which makes them aromatic and contribute hugely to color, taste and flavor of foods and herbs. medicinally, they hare recognized as anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, and [...]

Know your herbs?

Know your herbs!!! We know we need to eat our fruits and vegetables so our bodies can accomplish the millions of processes they do: at organelle, cellular, tissue, organ, & system levels. But are you aware that herbs/spices are usually more nutrient dense than fruits and vegetables? Let’s look at just four. Did you know [...]

Which is better for you? Flax, hemp or chia seeds?

Flax Versus Hemp Versus Chia I often hear people claiming that one is better than the other. They are all excellent sources of nutrients depending on what you are looking for. My suggestion is that you buy a bag of each, make sure the flax is ground, and put them together in a large glass [...]

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The latest cause/cure all for weight issues

I get both tired and frustrated whenever I read or hear an expert/professional claiming that the one issue they are touting is the be all and end all of weight issues. There are a huge number of issues that can contribute to weight imbalances. It used to be just excess calories and lack of exercise...but [...]

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Do you have dysbiosis?

There is no one issue that is causing all of today's health issues. From excess sugar, lack of nutrient, toxicities, unhealthy electro-magnetic waves, to low levels of glutathione; to dysfunctional mitochondria; to methylation cycles not functioning; and the list goes on and on. This article is dedicated to an arena that has received a terrific [...]

What foods help with weight loss

There are a number of different reasons for weight gain. From mineral or vitamin deficiency to imbalances in your microbiota to adrenal fatigue to medications to belief systems and a huge number of other issues. AND 70% of obese people DO NOT have diabetes. Further, diabetes can be caused by a wide number of issues [...]

Yeah – its here…

You have CHOICES!!! There is this new site...www.ChoicesUnlimited.ca The "Health on a Budget" on www.ChoicesUnlimited.ca The Whole Health Initiative on www.WholeHealthInitiative.ca - click here And of course we have www.DrHollyBooks. com which has been updated - click here - videos, downloads, books Let's not forget...every Wednesday at Noon check out www.NewsForTheSoul.com  You or someone you know [...]

All you need for health, is this…

How many times have you heard that all you need is this vitamin or mineral or omega 3 or fiber or compound and it will solve all your health issues? I get so frustrated when I hear these claims - do you? Now, my favorite compound is the body is glutathione - glutathione has to [...]

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Not all chemicals are toxic – understand the difference

We all repeatedly hear about how dangerous CHEMICALS are.  But like anything else...some are and some are not.  For instance, you body is made up of chemicals...all very necessary to your body's capacity to function. Dr Holly - real whole organic food and medicine The air you breath is made up of oxygen [...]

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Fecal matter in your toothbrush?

The Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut found that using a shared bathroom may greatly increase the risk of fecal germs on your toothbrush.   The study utilized students who shared communal bathrooms.  (The study was presented at the American Society for Microbiology annual meeting in New Orleans). Now the investigators studied how toothbrushes were stored, i.e., [...]

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