Polyphenols and herbs and YOU!

Last article we talked about the different types of polyphenols in foods...this time we are going to talk about them with regard to herbs. In general, phenolics have a benzene ring which makes them aromatic and contribute hugely to color, taste and flavor of foods and herbs. medicinally, they hare recognized as anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, and [...]

How your kitchen can protect you against anti-biotic resistant bacteria

Long before we the age of artificial synthetic antibiotics or man made laboratory created antibiotics  ...nature provided us with some awesome antibiotics that still work!!! 1. Spices like garlic support our immune system and act as anti-microbials 2. Real cinnamon (especially Sri Lanka cinnamon) is anti-microbial 3. Spices like oregano, rosemary and thyme are antimicrobial [...]

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Know your herbs?

Know your herbs!!! We know we need to eat our fruits and vegetables so our bodies can accomplish the millions of processes they do: at organelle, cellular, tissue, organ, & system levels. But are you aware that herbs/spices are usually more nutrient dense than fruits and vegetables? Let’s look at just four. Did you know [...]

Baker’s cyst – what can I do?

What is a Baker's Cyst?  No, it is nothing that you bake...Dr. Baker was the one to identify it...but it is also known as a popliteal cyst. It has to do with a knee condition - that may be brought on in several ways... The knee joint has a number of components to it...one of [...]

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Are Essential Oils of any Benefit?

What are essential oils? Are essential oils of any benefit? Are they just for topical use or can they be used internally? Are different types beneficial for different skins? Does it matter where they were grown or how they were processed? What benefits do the different oils have? Lots of questions, let’s go through them [...]

A favorite herb – Hawthorne aka Crataegus oxycantha

There are many different herbs used for the cardio/heart system. Different herbs are used for specific issues, like the valves, electrical irregularities, blood pressure, arterial issues, etc. But Hawthorne is one cardio herb that is used for a variety of issues. Whether the issue concerns blood vessels as with congestive heart failure or chest pains [...]

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Do you have dysbiosis?

There is no one issue that is causing all of today's health issues. From excess sugar, lack of nutrient, toxicities, unhealthy electro-magnetic waves, to low levels of glutathione; to dysfunctional mitochondria; to methylation cycles not functioning; and the list goes on and on. This article is dedicated to an arena that has received a terrific [...]

Yeah – its here…

You have CHOICES!!! There is this new site...www.ChoicesUnlimited.ca The "Health on a Budget" on www.ChoicesUnlimited.ca The Whole Health Initiative on www.WholeHealthInitiative.ca - click here And of course we have www.DrHollyBooks. com which has been updated - click here - videos, downloads, books Let's not forget...every Wednesday at Noon check out www.NewsForTheSoul.com  You or someone you know [...]

How can chocolate be a benefit?

Most of us have heard that "dark chocolate" is good for us.  Unfortunately, the concept of "dark or bitter chocolate" was marketed well, but the marketing covered up a huge misunderstanding. Chocolate contains over 1200 molecules, over 300 nutrients that are beneficial to us.  AND they are in significant amounts not just trace amounts.  Further, the [...]

Valentine’s Day, Heart and Chocolate – no guilt!!

No need to feel guilty - love it. Did you know that the three of these work well together.  Valentine's Day is usually connected with chocolate.  100% pure chocolate is very good for you.   Valentine's Day is usually associated with the heart.  Chocolate is good for the heart.  Chocolate provides the body with over [...]

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