What is a great Christmas present?

"Your health is your wealth" is an old saying that has a lot of truth to it.  If you don't have your health how can you do whatever you do to create your wealth? Whether you be a blue collar worker; a white collar worker; tradesman; a professional; or an independent business person you need [...]

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Too many degrees?

It is sad to think that one can be accused of having too many degrees. I am forever pushing health practitioners  to take training in an entirely different healing modality. If you are a psychologist - take training in nutrition. If you are a nutritionist take training in Ayurveda. If you are a TCM take [...]

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Tulsi, Holy Basil and YOU

Tulsi or Holy Basil Leaf (not to be confused with basil) is a well known Ayurvedic or East Indian herb.  But what is it used for...well it has a number of uses...its most famous medicinal function is an anti-oxidant.  But, it has a number of other functions as well: 1.  The leaf is a nerve [...]

Another new diet that will help EVERYONE!?

I don't know about you, but I hate these kinds of advertisements...and for a few reason... Too many people believe that if a given protocol works for them - whether they devised it or bought it - it should work for everyone.  I can't believe that people are that limited in their thinking. There are [...]

Ancient herbs rediscovered? Herbalists have been using them forever…!

I always think it is funny how people use words to catch the attention of the masses...Newly discovered, ancient secrets, best kept secrets...etc etc   If you have taken programs in Herbal Medicine, you will know that these are not secrets and Herbalists have been using them all along.  Herbalists have been studying the impacts [...]

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WHO: Cancer … Western medicine failing globally

The above named article was reported on: http://www.riseearth.com/2013/12/who-cancer-risk-rising-around-world.html?goback=%2Egde_1826962_member_5822998499267997698#%2EUr_zx5qYYdU There is a simple reason why Western medicine is failing globally.... 1) they take a body that is compromised 2) they add a toxic chemical compound (pharmaceutical prescription that makes some people wealthy) 3) that requires more ATP (energy) to metabolize 4) that further depletes the body [...]

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Fingernail analysis – what can your fingers tell you…

Fingernail analysis goes back thousands of years...In ancient times, physicians utilized all parts of the body for analysis.  For instance: TCM:  well known for tongue analysis ear analysis 9 pulses Ayurvedic:  well know for 63 pulses fingernail analysis tongue analysis facial analysis eye analysis So let's look at what those lovely nails can tell us. [...]

So…is it the thyroid or the adrenals…?

So Harvard Medical School just put out that many have hyper (over active) thyroid and don't know about it...what they didn't explain was that the thyroid and the adrenals work hand in hand...and that there are a number of other factors that can impact on both... So we need to be clear.  Are you: Hypo [...]

Which honey for which health issue?

There are over 300 types of honey - and different honeys are good for different health issues...In general, we have the following: 1. Honey is antibacterial and antiseptic:  raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide, released when it comes into contact with moisture. Hydrogen peroxide is both antibacterial and fungicidal. Honey was originally used for therapeutic purposes, as it has antibacterial [...]

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Detox – why, how, when?

You hear people talking about DETOX all the time now...what exactly is it?  Which is the best method?  Do we really need to do it?  Well, it refers to any of numerous ways to detoxify the body.  Detoxes have been utilized by most cultures throughout history as a way of both preventing illness and regaining [...]