Diabetes: what your physician doesn’t know

Most people have heard or are aware that there is a major issue with weight gain and diabetes. It has been getting increasingly worse over the past few decades. Most people associate diabetes with weight gain, excess sugar, and poor diet, maybe even lack of exercise. Including physicians. But there are many causes of weight [...]

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What is the Entwined Collection about?

The Entwined Book Collection is a very unique set of books. The first book - Entwined: A Romantic Journey back into Health was an attempt to provide a tremendous amount of REAL health information, as opposed to synthetic medications, to the general public using a romantic novel. In the book, there is an extended family with [...]

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The Ongoing Journey

Many of you have read one or more of my educational books and/or my first sexy romantic novel: Entwined: A Romantic Journey Back into Health. The sequel: The Ongoing Journey is now published. I started writing books for the general public. All educational books. On Depression, the Heart, Diabetes, etc. But I wasn’t getting out [...]

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