Depression at Christmas

One in two people suffer from depression at some point in their life - could it be you or a loved one? Are you aware of all the physiological issues that can cause depression? I practiced as a Registered Psychologist for 20 some years. But I left the College of Psychologists because they didn't agree [...]

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Are Essential Oils of any Benefit?

What are essential oils? Are essential oils of any benefit? Are they just for topical use or can they be used internally? Are different types beneficial for different skins? Does it matter where they were grown or how they were processed? What benefits do the different oils have? Lots of questions, let’s go through them [...]

Do you have dysbiosis?

There is no one issue that is causing all of today's health issues. From excess sugar, lack of nutrient, toxicities, unhealthy electro-magnetic waves, to low levels of glutathione; to dysfunctional mitochondria; to methylation cycles not functioning; and the list goes on and on. This article is dedicated to an arena that has received a terrific [...]

Yeah – its here…

You have CHOICES!!! There is this new The "Health on a Budget" on The Whole Health Initiative on - click here And of course we have www.DrHollyBooks. com which has been updated - click here - videos, downloads, books Let's not forget...every Wednesday at Noon check out  You or someone you know [...]

How can chocolate be a benefit?

Most of us have heard that "dark chocolate" is good for us.  Unfortunately, the concept of "dark or bitter chocolate" was marketed well, but the marketing covered up a huge misunderstanding. Chocolate contains over 1200 molecules, over 300 nutrients that are beneficial to us.  AND they are in significant amounts not just trace amounts.  Further, the [...]

Tulsi, Holy Basil and YOU

Tulsi or Holy Basil Leaf (not to be confused with basil) is a well known Ayurvedic or East Indian herb.  But what is it used for...well it has a number of uses...its most famous medicinal function is an anti-oxidant.  But, it has a number of other functions as well: 1.  The leaf is a nerve [...]

French Kissing is good for your health?

I loved this article.  Yes, French Kissing is good for your health, in a couple of different ways.  But let's look at the possibilities. When you give someone a stoic kiss on the lips, you exchange a small amount of bacteria, good and bad. BUT when you French Kiss, even for only 10 seconds, apparently, [...]

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Another new diet that will help EVERYONE!?

I don't know about you, but I hate these kinds of advertisements...and for a few reason... Too many people believe that if a given protocol works for them - whether they devised it or bought it - it should work for everyone.  I can't believe that people are that limited in their thinking. There are [...]

Burning Tongue?

A burning tongue can go from being annoying to outright painful.  While it does have a common cause, there are a variety of causes and different solutions.  In Chinese Medicine, we have a huge number of issues that can be identified by looking at the tongue.  However, here we will focus on just a "burning [...]

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Baking soda – should you use it?

Baking soda can be utilized for many different health issues. However, you always want to make sure that you use baking soda without aluminum. The main reason that baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) helps health is by its ability to both neutralize acids and alkaline compounds and to slow down the capacity for the compound to [...]

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