How many ways has Western medicine has lead us into sickness?

That is a pretty big question? With powerful implications. But let's take a brief look. We were told that the sun was dangerous and we needed to put on sun block. Unfortunately, the sun blocks blocked us from the very UVB rays we needed for our bodies to function: we needed the sun to make [...]

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Is it your thyroid or your adrenals?

Both the thyroid and the adrenals belong to the same physiology pathway called the Hypothalamic-pituitary-thryoid-adrenal axis.  Any part of the axis has an effect on every other part of the how do you know what is really going on. The symptoms tend to tremendously overlap regardless of which part of the axis is causing [...]

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Not all chemicals are toxic – understand the difference

We all repeatedly hear about how dangerous CHEMICALS are.  But like anything else...some are and some are not.  For instance, you body is made up of chemicals...all very necessary to your body's capacity to function. Dr Holly - real whole organic food and medicine The air you breath is made up of oxygen [...]

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Depression: psychological or physiological?

I practiced as a Registered Psychologist for some 20 years.  During that time I saw a lot of clients with depression, anxiety or depression & anxiety.  I frequently sent clients to Naturopaths, Herbalists, etc because I did not think that the cause of their depression was how they interpreted and responded to the world, it [...]

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Why you should like curry…

There are a variety of curries, yellow, green and red are the predominant categories...but there are all kinds of recipes to make curry.  The basic ingredient to all of them is Turmeric.  It is one phenomenal herb that has a huge amount of science behind it, i.e., over 6000 peer review studies.  In fact, turmeric [...]

MDs are catching up – well on this item at least

I just read an article by an MD who is catching up...the Master that is involved in over 300 base but functions in every cell of the that most of us are deficient in...  Rather than take laboratory, man made drugs that are toxic to the body and cause nutrient depletion; may cover [...]

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Burning Tongue?

A burning tongue can go from being annoying to outright painful.  While it does have a common cause, there are a variety of causes and different solutions.  In Chinese Medicine, we have a huge number of issues that can be identified by looking at the tongue.  However, here we will focus on just a "burning [...]

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Are you taking an anti-depressant or is it an anti-psychotic?

Many anti-depressant/anti-anxiety drugs prescribed today are actually anti-psychotics. Low levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter associated with depression, has never been proven to cause depression and/or anxiety, neither has regulating it through various types of anti-depressants ever been shown to eliminate depression. Note: over 90% (some say upwards of 98%) of serotonin is actually made in [...]

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Glutathione – why is it important?

I have addressed glutathione many times...there are almost 100,000 articles on pub med about glutathione...I have now written a book on glutathione - will be up discusses how and why glutathione is a huge part of solving issues from Alzheimer's, autism, adrenal fatigue, inflammatory issues, cardio issues, depression and a huge number of other [...]

Could this widely used toxin be contributing to obesity?

What is BPA?  It stands for Bisphenol A and it is a man made or synthetic compound used in the manufacture of various plastics. In chemical terms, BPA is one of the bisphenols group (phenol) and has two hydroxyphenyl groups (bi).  It is a colourless solid that is soluble in organic solvents but not in water. What is the [...]

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