Simple Solutions for Insomnia

Many people suffer from insomnia, about 1 in 10, and for a variety of reasons.  Sleep is hugely important to our health.  In fact, the body puts out more effort while we are asleep than it does watching tv.  So, let's look at some of the reasons and some of the solutions. Causes of insomnia: [...]

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Glutathione – why is it important?

I have addressed glutathione many times...there are almost 100,000 articles on pub med about glutathione...I have now written a book on glutathione - will be up discusses how and why glutathione is a huge part of solving issues from Alzheimer's, autism, adrenal fatigue, inflammatory issues, cardio issues, depression and a huge number of other [...]

Why is your methylation pathway important?

The Methylation Pathway - often if not usually this pathway is linked to chronic diseases, including autism.  By pathway we mean the system in the body that produces a product.   As one person put it (don't know who)  the Methylation factory in our body, produces glutathione, like the Ford Factory produces pick up trucks.  The pathway also produces various [...]

Ginseng – Beware…

Twice in this past week I have heard people make comments about ginseng as if all ginseng is the same…a great way to recognize when people don’t really know what they are talking about.  Just because one has good intentions, doesn't mean they are careful. There are a variety of different types of ginseng [...]

How many ways are there to eliminate cancer?

WOW - let me count the ways...there are way to many ways to list here in a blog...but what is important is that you realize that different protocals work for different cancers...Sooooo, the big thing to understand is that you need to recognize the type of cancer and then the type of treatment that may [...]

Tips for stress….

We all know that psychological stress can cause physiological issues...(don't forget...physiological stress can cause issues as well....).  Whether physiological or psychological stress impacts on your adrenals and your entire system in a wide variety of ways:  from fatique to depression to allergies to diabetes to hypertension to arthritis to cancer and much more. When stressed [...]

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Do you take Oral Contraceptives?

The majority of women have taken oral contraceptives at some point.  The current stats indicate that over 12 million women in the United States and over 100 million women worldwide take oral contraceptives. I was one of those women who chose not to.  I had done too much research that showed that the old contraceptives could [...]

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How toxic are you?

There are numerous types of indicators for toxicity.  Numerous issues that contribute to toxicity.  Here are some of the following... DIET: 1) How many servings of fruits/vegetables do you consume (1 serving = 1 cup) 3 - 1 / month 2 - 1/week 1 - 1/day -1 - 3/day -2 - 5+/day 2) How often [...]

Different Detoxes – are they any good?

There are such a wide variety of detoxes out there - how do we know which ones are any good?  Or what they are actually accomplishing?  Or where the detoxification is occurring in the body?  Detox can be seen as both very simple or very complex...lets take a quick look. We know we have a [...]

What does stress do to your physical health?

What is stress - it can be defined as anything that pushes the body outside of a healthy homeostatic range. The body works hard to keep all the various functions within a given range...whether we talk about the pH levels; enzyme levels; adrenal reactions; gut bacteria; etc the body struggles to keep everything within a [...]

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