Hemp vs Pot for medicinal purposes?

Traditionally, Hemp has been utilized for industrial purposes due to it's high content of fiber while Pot has been utilized for entertainment due to it's high content of THC.  BUT, they both come from the same plant (Cannabis Sativa L.).  For many they are lumped together because of THC content - although there is a [...]

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MDs are catching up – well on this item at least

I just read an article by an MD who is catching up...the Master Mineral...one that is involved in over 300 base but functions in every cell of the body...one that most of us are deficient in...  Rather than take laboratory, man made drugs that are toxic to the body and cause nutrient depletion; may cover [...]

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Glutathione – why is it important?

I have addressed glutathione many times...there are almost 100,000 articles on pub med about glutathione...I have now written a book on glutathione - will be up soon...it discusses how and why glutathione is a huge part of solving issues from Alzheimer's, autism, adrenal fatigue, inflammatory issues, cardio issues, depression and a huge number of other [...]

Why is your methylation pathway important?

The Methylation Pathway - often if not usually this pathway is linked to chronic diseases, including autism.  By pathway we mean the system in the body that produces a product.   As one person put it (don't know who)  the Methylation factory in our body, produces glutathione, like the Ford Factory produces pick up trucks.  The pathway also produces various [...]

Bacopa – a herb that does wonders

Do you hate it when people claim that whatever product they are selling cures and heals everything...me too.  So I research all the different components and provide you with the conclusion...okay so alot of information also comes from my training...but, science is always updating the information - and we need to keep abreast of what [...]

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