Are you aware that…

These foods are considered carcinogenic? Many foods that we assume would be healthy for you can actually be carcinogenic. Dr Holly - real whole organic food and medicine Canned tomatoes & other canned foods are typically lined with bisphenol-A aka BPA. When the FDA actually agrees that something may be a problem. It [...]

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Monsanto has a dept debunking science?

Well if you believe the internet, it must be is all over the internet!!!  Monsanto has a specific department whose role is to debunk science and research!! Dr Holly - doesn't like GMOs and what they do to our health - actually there pages of it.  Dr. William [...]

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What is REAL Medicine?

What is REAL Medicine?  Is it conventional medicine?  Conventional medicine manages symptoms with synthetic toxic drugs that deplete the body of nutrients…AND…48% of the 250 most common prescriptions are known to cause cancer!! Or is REAL medicine Alternative Medicine?  Alternative Medicine includes everything from Nutritional, to Medical Herbal Medicine, to Ayurvedic, to Traditional Chinese Medicine, [...]

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Why is there a controversy over wheat?

Many of you have heard about or may have gluten intolerance.   A compound found in wheat, and associated grans.  Some people say that grains are good for you and others say it is bad for you.  Why the controversy.  Let's look at gluten actually and the issues that contribute to the controversy: 1   [...]

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FATS – the good, the bad and the ugly – oh yeah and the confusing…

Fats - for decades the medical profession has told us that fats were bad..they make you fat, the clog up your arteries, and cause heart attacks. As usual, medical sciences - at least what was taught in med school - was all wrong and not based in science.   Nonsense like this, doesn't just occur [...]

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Christmas & a stomach ache?

How many people do you know suffer from stomach issues because: 1) they ate toooo much 2) they ate toooo many sugars 3) they ate the wrong foods 4) they kept eating from one Christmas event to the next and forgot to stop? Eating in a healthy and effective manner is the obvious preventative measure [...]

Why is your methylation pathway important?

The Methylation Pathway - often if not usually this pathway is linked to chronic diseases, including autism.  By pathway we mean the system in the body that produces a product.   As one person put it (don't know who)  the Methylation factory in our body, produces glutathione, like the Ford Factory produces pick up trucks.  The pathway also produces various [...]

What is really the cause of so much ill health?

Oh my goodness...ideas and thoughts keep changing and growing.  So many things are is hard to keep up.  What we are supposed to do about it?  Again, so much research, so many ideas, it is so overwhelming... Well, here is an overview that might help you... what contributes to the problem AND what we [...]

Hi Cholesterol? Use foods or drugs

First off, what is cholesterol?  Most MDs are only familiar with: HDL (high density lipids) LDL (low density lipids) TGs (triglecirides) But there are many different types of HDL and LDL.  This article will briefly look at: why we need cholesterol the different types of cholesterol the drugs prescribed for high cholesterol and their devastating side effects [...]

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Evidence for or against vaccinations…

To get or give your child a vacinnation has to be a personal decision...but in order to make any good decision, you have to have the here is one more article...Dr Mercola wrote this one...on the evidence for and against vaccinations... First Genetically Engineered Flu Vaccine Now on the Market January 29, 2013 | 161,011 views | + Add [...]

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