Polyphenols and herbs and YOU!

Last article we talked about the different types of polyphenols in foods...this time we are going to talk about them with regard to herbs. In general, phenolics have a benzene ring which makes them aromatic and contribute hugely to color, taste and flavor of foods and herbs. medicinally, they hare recognized as anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, and [...]

Know your herbs?

Know your herbs!!! We know we need to eat our fruits and vegetables so our bodies can accomplish the millions of processes they do: at organelle, cellular, tissue, organ, & system levels. But are you aware that herbs/spices are usually more nutrient dense than fruits and vegetables? Let’s look at just four. Did you know [...]

Are Essential Oils of any Benefit?

What are essential oils? Are essential oils of any benefit? Are they just for topical use or can they be used internally? Are different types beneficial for different skins? Does it matter where they were grown or how they were processed? What benefits do the different oils have? Lots of questions, let’s go through them [...]

A favorite herb – Marshmellow root aka Althea off

No marshmallow root is nothing like the candy marshmallows that you roast over an open fire. Althea officinalis or marshmallow root is a herb known for its mucilage that is full of polysaccrides. So what do those terms mean and how do they impact on our bodies? Mucilage is a thick, glue type substance found [...]

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A favorite herb – Cassia aka Senna

Herbs have both formal terms and common terms. Cassia spp. is the formal name for the Senna plant. What does Senna do? It is absorbed by the stomach and the small intestine and leaves behind a compound called rhein anthrone. The bacteria in the small intestine degrade the rhein anthrone into sennidin. This second compound, [...]

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Don’t take any more calcium supplements till you read this

We have been told for years to take more calcium supplements as we age to protect us against osteoporosis. Even in the Naturopathic College I went to, I argued this. The Dean actually marked my answer wrong - which of course was right...that's what happens when people don't keep up with the research. And the [...]

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The latest cause/cure all for weight issues

I get both tired and frustrated whenever I read or hear an expert/professional claiming that the one issue they are touting is the be all and end all of weight issues. There are a huge number of issues that can contribute to weight imbalances. It used to be just excess calories and lack of exercise...but [...]

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Do you have dysbiosis?

There is no one issue that is causing all of today's health issues. From excess sugar, lack of nutrient, toxicities, unhealthy electro-magnetic waves, to low levels of glutathione; to dysfunctional mitochondria; to methylation cycles not functioning; and the list goes on and on. This article is dedicated to an arena that has received a terrific [...]

What foods help with weight loss

There are a number of different reasons for weight gain. From mineral or vitamin deficiency to imbalances in your microbiota to adrenal fatigue to medications to belief systems and a huge number of other issues. AND 70% of obese people DO NOT have diabetes. Further, diabetes can be caused by a wide number of issues [...]

What too many health practitioners don’t understand

Your body is very dependent on every cell functioning optimally. Each cell has a number of "organelles" that need to function effectively for the cell to function. Many are familiar with the mitochondria that in addition to a variety of other functions, provides the fuel for each cell. Thankfully you don't need to understand the [...]

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