How can chocolate be a benefit?

Most of us have heard that "dark chocolate" is good for us.  Unfortunately, the concept of "dark or bitter chocolate" was marketed well, but the marketing covered up a huge misunderstanding. Chocolate contains over 1200 molecules, over 300 nutrients that are beneficial to us.  AND they are in significant amounts not just trace amounts.  Further, the [...]

Health Tip #6 – Gut health

Welcome to our second month of Easy & Simple Health Tips. What shall we focus on this month? Well let's look at food and mental health. How can food impact on our mental clarity and mood? It can. And a lot. First of all, we have already discussed how the probiotics in your gut can [...]

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What are the common denominators between exercise, grains, sugars, fats & protiens???

The two common denominators are that they are all :   a) good for you  b) bad for you You have learned over the years that the type of grain and how it is processed determines whether or not the bread, pasta, etc is good for you. Peel the outside and process everything out of the [...]

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The Scientific Evidence Behind Anti-depressants

Okay, so I have gone down this road many times before. But if you or anyone you know is taking anti-depressants - read this. By the way did you know that 1/2 women and 1/3 men are now diagnosed as having depression at some point in their life? Further, as many as 1 in 10 [...]

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How many ways has Western medicine has lead us into sickness?

That is a pretty big question? With powerful implications. But let's take a brief look. We were told that the sun was dangerous and we needed to put on sun block. Unfortunately, the sun blocks blocked us from the very UVB rays we needed for our bodies to function: we needed the sun to make [...]

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What causes IBS & what to do about it

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is characterized by: the contractions that move the stool through the large intestine can be stronger and last longer bloating diarrhea gas or flatulence or the opposite, weak contractions that hard, dry stools usually fluctuating between diarrhea and constipation mucus in the stool pain Conventional Western medicine doesn't know what [...]

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Phosphorus and Weight Management – that’s a new one

I found an article in Nutrition & Diabetes that was interesting. It wasn't what i was looking for, but interesting none the less. A university in Lebanon carried out a double blind study including 63 adults aged 18 to 65.  Half were put on a "placebo" diet and the other half on a "phosphorus" diet, [...]

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Increase your fat burning hormones

Is weight an issue for you? It sure seems to be an issue for a lot of people. One way to help your body eliminate weight is to work with the weight managing hormones: Leptin - increases sensation of satiety as well as: cholesystokinin (CCK) glucagon-like peptide (GLP) (PPY) melancortin Grehlin - increases sense of [...]

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Are you aware that…

These foods are considered carcinogenic? Many foods that we assume would be healthy for you can actually be carcinogenic. Dr Holly - real whole organic food and medicine Canned tomatoes & other canned foods are typically lined with bisphenol-A aka BPA. When the FDA actually agrees that something may be a problem. It [...]

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