Do you love bread?

Most people love bread. But bread has got a pretty bad rap this past decade and for good reasons. But do you understand the problem? Do you know how to get around it? It is pretty easy... First off, let's understand the problems; then let's solve the problems! So we can enjoy our bread!! Most [...]

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The latest cause/cure all for weight issues

I get both tired and frustrated whenever I read or hear an expert/professional claiming that the one issue they are touting is the be all and end all of weight issues. There are a huge number of issues that can contribute to weight imbalances. It used to be just excess calories and lack of exercise...but [...]

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What foods help with weight loss

There are a number of different reasons for weight gain. From mineral or vitamin deficiency to imbalances in your microbiota to adrenal fatigue to medications to belief systems and a huge number of other issues. AND 70% of obese people DO NOT have diabetes. Further, diabetes can be caused by a wide number of issues [...]

Obesity & Diabetes – it’s not what you were taught…

We have been taught, as have our physicians, that weight gain means diabetes. Let's look at the actual research, but first let's look at some basic facts: Diabetes is not a disease - it is a symptom Diabetes can in fact be reversed - it is not a life long, down hill process The most [...]

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How can chocolate be a benefit?

Most of us have heard that "dark chocolate" is good for us.  Unfortunately, the concept of "dark or bitter chocolate" was marketed well, but the marketing covered up a huge misunderstanding. Chocolate contains over 1200 molecules, over 300 nutrients that are beneficial to us.  AND they are in significant amounts not just trace amounts.  Further, the [...]

What causes IBS & what to do about it

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is characterized by: the contractions that move the stool through the large intestine can be stronger and last longer bloating diarrhea gas or flatulence or the opposite, weak contractions that hard, dry stools usually fluctuating between diarrhea and constipation mucus in the stool pain Conventional Western medicine doesn't know what [...]

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Unknown causes of obseity…

You have probably heard all the pros and cons about vaccinations and autism....but did you know that early vaccinations can cause: 1) disruption to the microbiota in your gut 2) affect your ability to respond to antibiotics 3) set you up for obesity Wow!!!  Let's review what we already know: We already know that our [...]

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Why you should like curry…

There are a variety of curries, yellow, green and red are the predominant categories...but there are all kinds of recipes to make curry.  The basic ingredient to all of them is Turmeric.  It is one phenomenal herb that has a huge amount of science behind it, i.e., over 6000 peer review studies.  In fact, turmeric [...]

FATS – the good, the bad and the ugly – oh yeah and the confusing…

Fats - for decades the medical profession has told us that fats were bad..they make you fat, the clog up your arteries, and cause heart attacks. As usual, medical sciences - at least what was taught in med school - was all wrong and not based in science.   Nonsense like this, doesn't just occur [...]

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Another new diet that will help EVERYONE!?

I don't know about you, but I hate these kinds of advertisements...and for a few reason... Too many people believe that if a given protocol works for them - whether they devised it or bought it - it should work for everyone.  I can't believe that people are that limited in their thinking. There are [...]