Another medical myth your MD probably doesn’t know

Unfortunately over 50% of medical procedures have never been clinically tested...and here is one more that has been proven wrong...several times...this ones puts millions of people at risk - especially seniors... Physicians tell you to reduce your sodium intake to protect your heart...get rid of your salt.  But this will NOT protect your heart, and further, [...]

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Foods for the Thyroid

More and more science is recognizing what traditional medicines have know for eons - food is our medicine and medicine is our food. Various foods are good for a given function in the body or a given system.  Some have localized impact and others have a more generalized impact.  For instance, most have heard that [...]

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Depression: What kind of Therapy is Best

First off, how do we define depression?  There are a wide variety of experiences that come under the heading of depression. There are also many different ways to treat depression. Let’s first look at the different ways to define depression.  Then we can look at the different ways of treating depression. Ayurvedic definition:  This disorder [...]