Vaccinations – yes or no

I won't give you a declarative answer to the question...but I will provide you with some information so that you can make an informed decision...I certainly know what I would do. 1) There have been several measles outbreaks in vaccinated children that don't get any public acknowledgment, for example: - 98% of the kids with [...]

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Most hospitals make this mistake….

A  CDC report claims that 78% of hospitals inappropriately prescribe antibiotics: 1) the wrong antibiotic 2) redundant antibiotics 3) unnecessary antibiotics Sometimes MDs will prescribe a few different antibiotics (a cocktail) all at once because they cannot identify the source of infection.  Yet, even when the source is identified, the unnecessary prescriptions are not stopped - [...]

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Christmas list for foods to enjoy and foods to avoid

Christmas is such a fun time and eating is such a pleasurable way of connecting...most cultures have utilized foods for a variety of things, through out history, including: hospitality reward social connection celebration Almost all old cultures make their claim to food (perhaps not realizing that all other cultures do the same).  However, in today's [...]

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French Kissing is good for your health?

I loved this article.  Yes, French Kissing is good for your health, in a couple of different ways.  But let's look at the possibilities. When you give someone a stoic kiss on the lips, you exchange a small amount of bacteria, good and bad. BUT when you French Kiss, even for only 10 seconds, apparently, [...]

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Tinnitus- simple solutions?

First question, what is tinnitus?  The most common definition is a ringing in the ears without any external stimulation. However, there can other kinds of sounds that people hear. More importantly, there are all kinds of causes: actual physical damage to the ear ear infections emotional stress foreign objects in the ear medication withdrawal, i.e., [...]

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Why you should like curry…

There are a variety of curries, yellow, green and red are the predominant categories...but there are all kinds of recipes to make curry.  The basic ingredient to all of them is Turmeric.  It is one phenomenal herb that has a huge amount of science behind it, i.e., over 6000 peer review studies.  In fact, turmeric [...]

Another new diet that will help EVERYONE!?

I don't know about you, but I hate these kinds of advertisements...and for a few reason... Too many people believe that if a given protocol works for them - whether they devised it or bought it - it should work for everyone.  I can't believe that people are that limited in their thinking. There are [...]

Burning Tongue?

A burning tongue can go from being annoying to outright painful.  While it does have a common cause, there are a variety of causes and different solutions.  In Chinese Medicine, we have a huge number of issues that can be identified by looking at the tongue.  However, here we will focus on just a "burning [...]

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New way to increase glutathione

If anyone knows me - they know that I am a big supporter of glutathione.  Once known as only an anti-oxidant, in today's world it recognized as doing a huge number of functions in the body. In fact, there are over 95,000 pub med articles on a huge number of processes glutathione is involved in.  (Note: Vit [...]

Foods and herbs to promote greater immune function

We have all heard of Hippocrates's quote:  Food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food.  So simple but so true.  Unfortunately, conventional medicine has lost sight of this basic tenant stated by the father of Western Medicine.  They got arrogant and thought that they could do a better job that nature...oh well.  We are [...]

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