The Placebo Effect – isn’t it evidence that the mind can heal itself?

What is the Placebo Effect?  It is the capacity for the mind/body to heal itself without any medical intervention.  In fact, I asked some 30 years ago if I could use the Placebo Effect as the base of my first PhD thesis.  I wasn't allowed to.  I couldn't understand why.  If the placebo effect is [...]

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Tips for stress….

We all know that psychological stress can cause physiological issues...(don't forget...physiological stress can cause issues as well....).  Whether physiological or psychological stress impacts on your adrenals and your entire system in a wide variety of ways:  from fatique to depression to allergies to diabetes to hypertension to arthritis to cancer and much more. When stressed [...]

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Happiness – what is it?

What is happiness? The word was first introduced in 15th century and meant prosperity.  Today, the concept of happiness has been studied as simply an emotion; a general state of being; how we engage in our lives; how we perceive our lives... After reading the would you assess your level of happiness? and why? [...]

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