Glutathione – why is it important?

I have addressed glutathione many times...there are almost 100,000 articles on pub med about glutathione...I have now written a book on glutathione - will be up discusses how and why glutathione is a huge part of solving issues from Alzheimer's, autism, adrenal fatigue, inflammatory issues, cardio issues, depression and a huge number of other [...]

Alzhemeir’s Disease – is the diagnosis accurate?

Oh dear...those poor MDs - they just keep getting kicked over and over again. Apparently, upwards of 50% of Alzhemier's diagnosed patients were found to be misdiagnosed when given an autopsy. (The Lancet, 1981; 1: 824-7).  Now not everyone gets an autopsy - in fact, most don't.  So I wonder what the real figures are. Let's [...]

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What common banned toxin is in your food?

Many people with homes and gardens are familiar with the weed deterrent RoundUp (the most popular herbicide in the world).  They know that you should wear a mask if you use it; to be careful if there are any animals around; etc Many municipalities, including mine, have banned the use of it because it is [...]

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Anyone you know have Parkinson’s?

Parkinson's Disease is very debilitating and has a number of issues that come along with it.  One of issues is the ability to walk and/or freeze.  People with Parkinson's not only have the Parkinsonian Shuffle but also have moments where they seem to freeze...the body simply won't function in the manner they are accustomed to.  [...]

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