What common banned toxin is in your food?

Many people with homes and gardens are familiar with the weed deterrent RoundUp (the most popular herbicide in the world).  They know that you should wear a mask if you use it; to be careful if there are any animals around; etc Many municipalities, including mine, have banned the use of it because it is [...]

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Tips for stress….

We all know that psychological stress can cause physiological issues...(don't forget...physiological stress can cause issues as well....).  Whether physiological or psychological stress impacts on your adrenals and your entire system in a wide variety of ways:  from fatique to depression to allergies to diabetes to hypertension to arthritis to cancer and much more. When stressed [...]

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Salt – is it good or bad?

Mineral Salts Well, like so many questions - it has both a yes and a no answer.  Why?  There is a vast difference between table salt, sea salt and mineral salt....let's look at each one individually and figure what we need: Table salt is sodium chloride.  This sodium chloride is found not only [...]

pH balance – here is good brief understanding

pH has to do with the level of acidity/alkalinity in our bodies, our foods, our drinks, etc.  The pH number is on a scale from 1 - 14 with 7 being neutral and reflects the number of hydrogens and the thus the acidity.  It is an inverse relationship, therefore, the lower the pH number, the higher the # of hydrogens and [...]

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Do you know what the GI is?

The GI, there may be many of them, but the acronym GI I am referring to is the Glycemic Index. What this refers to is a reference identifying how fast foods raise your blood glucose index.  The challenge is, surprise, surprise, there is controversy over its usefulness. First let's look at what the GI is [...]

New Medical Treatment for Cancer

I am always interested in studies on cancer...I had an ovarian tumor over 30 years ago...was told I needed surgery immediately as it was fatal.  I DID NOT have the surgery.  Went on a betalaine diet and eliminated the entire tumor in 3.5 weeks.  !!   Now note, different diets, foods and herbs are required for [...]

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Do you know what minerals do in your body…?

  Most of us know that we need minerals, but don't have a clue why....well the following is a list that identifies the minerals, what its function is and where to find it in our foods...following this chart is a colour chart that displays the information differently. Major minerals Mineral Function Sources Sodium Needed for [...]

Can a popular drink kill you?

I have been arguing for years that juicers are not good for you.  That when you extract all the pulp, you not only eliminate most of the nutrient but that you are left with sugar and little else...the fiber is what is required to regulate the blood sugar uptake into the liver...if you eliminate the [...]

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Diabetes – insulin not really the issue

You have got to be kidding...we all know that insulin is the issue in diabetes...don't we?  Well actually no. I have written several articles about how the theories around blood glucose levels and insulin are wrong!!! Last year, in the New England Journal of Medicine, an article explained how they divided diabetic IIs into three groups.  [...]

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Inflammation – another underlying cause

You are kidding, another underlying issue?  How many are there...well there is an easy answer to the question...But let's look at inflammation first. Way back to the ancient Ayurvedic medicine, man has been aware of the concerns of inflammation.  Yet, Western medicine seems to be really lacking in their understanding.  But then many claim that [...]